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A message from Israel to the world.

Yoni Barak

8 July 2014



Hey world, what’s up?

Yes, it’s us again.. the people of Israel.

The country is so small that you can’t even write its name on the globe because it doesn’t fit, and you have to write part of it on the sea and part on a neighboring country.

The only country that the Jewish people have, where they speak their language, live their lives and try to ensure that a holocaust like the one that happened to them 60 years ago will not happen again…

The country that contributed its human capital, its technological capabilities and its innovation, during its 60 years of existence, has made a tremendous contribution to humanity.

We have a small request for you.

No no, don’t get excited, you are busy and preoccupied with global warming, the global energy crisis and the economic situation, we understand. We won’t take up much of your time.

Also, how do we say it? We don’t have many demands from you. Only one such pizza. A small request.

In the coming days, the Israel Defense Forces are (hopefully) going to a powerful and painful operation in an area from which terrorists are being shot (which you yourself defined as such, dear world), in order to restore peace to the residents of Israel.

People will quit their jobs, families will cancel their summer vacations and the effort will be focused on hitting back at those wrongdoers for whom a tank and a school are goals of equal importance. for whom children are a proper and justified shelter.

For you, firing “stupid” missiles into densely populated areas is a “legitimate” way to protest.

No no, we don’t need help with soldiers.. Absolutely not dear world.

We have our soldiers. They are skilled and motivated. Trust us, they are the best in the world. The best investment this country has.

We don’t want weapons either. We develop it ourselves and invest billions a year in technologies so that children and innocents are not harmed. We have reached really good point countermeasures, from all over you come to learn from us how to properly fight an asymmetric war.

We also don’t need you to support us with words, if that’s too hard for you. It could be nice, but still… you depend on Arab oil, and we understand that you don’t want to annoy the guys with the caps on their heads and their hands on the shivar.

After all, it is known how it raises the price of a barrel of oil.

We only ask for one thing.

don’t disturb

No country will allow its population centers to be bombed and ranged day and night by missiles, certainly not a country like ours, which is the general size of New Jersey.

No country will show tolerance like we do, when its citizens of all ages become a long-range target of an extremist religious terrorist organization that refuses to recognize it.

We were quiet enough, and the thunderous silence was replaced by the echoes of explosions.

You know, dear world, your silence on issues such as the massacre in Syria, the violation of human rights in China, the disappearance of minorities and LGBT people in Russia simply screams.

But for some reason when it comes to the only country that stands between borderless murderous terrorism and the West, suddenly you have a lot to say. Lots.

So just leave it to us.

We don’t need you to teach us how to be moral, and certainly not how to protect our country. That’s what we’re here for.

But if you are not going to help, like so many times you stood by and saw how Jews were massacred, for being Jews, then at least don’t interfere.

Just don’t disturb.


of all citizens of the State of Israel.

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