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Accommodation problem.


Subject: Accommodation problem


Dear Mr./Mrs.


On 14/7/2022, the lease contract is ending at my place of residence. I will note that in our current reality, in which life contestants like me receive around 770 shekels per month as an aid in order to pay rents, there is no solution for accommodation at anyone in my situation. As it is well known, with an amount of 770 shekels, it is not possible in these times to rent an apartment in

any area in the country – and this is even more valid when it comes to apartments appropriate for the disabled, where the rents are even slightly higher.


In addition, I have received the attached letter from the Ministry of Construction and Housing, which lets the long-lasting dead end intact – and the lack of improvement of the amount of rental aid and its adjustment to current rental prices leads to more and more cases of the disabled being left on the streets in a reality where survival is impossible.


The long-lasting neglect by the State of Israel of the problem and of the fact that the amount of aid has not been improved for so many years, and at the same time, the recent increases in prices of basic needs in Israel, all lead to the conclusion that there is no hope at all that the State of Israel will in truth work for a solution for the distress that exacerbates more and more.


In such a situation, the only possible solution is to be given assistance in charity organizations for the purpose of the assistance in question.


Therefore, I would like to ask you: Do you know of any charity organizations that can assist in such cases?




Assaf Benyamini


Ministry of Construction and Housing


State of Israel


Ministry of Construction and Housing


Jerusalem City District


In honor of


Assaf Benyamini

Costa Rica St 115, 4/A Jerusalem

Date: 14/11/2021


Reference: 16863923


Subject: Your request for receiving assistance


We are here to inform you that in the meeting of the High Committee on 14/11/2021, your request was discussed, and the decision is as follows:


The essence of the request: Increasing assistance for those eligible


The decision: Rejection of the request – reason for ineligibility according to the procedure executing assistance according to eligibility, it is possible to appeal to a public committee


Reasons for the decision: The committee examined the entirety of the circumstances concerning the request and the circumstances detailed in the protocol of the discussion attached to the decision, as a part of it. In this framework, the committee gave its opinion, among other things, to the documents attached to the request, listed below. After considering the matter, the committee came to the decision that despite the detailed circumstances in the request and in the documents attached to it, it is unfortunately not acceptable, and this is in the view of the limited budget available to the committee, and taking into consideration other cases brought into it as a part of requests for assistance in rents in deviation from the rules. The following is the list of the documents that were in the committee: request letter 27/10/2021, disability fund 25/6/2021, report of Hostel Avivit 28/6/2021, Hadassah Hospital 14/9/2021 + 22/4/2021, clinic tracking

22/4/2021, Herzog Hospital 7/6/2011, report of Shaare Zedek Hospital 6/11/2016, letter of Hadassah Hospital 2/1/2007, psychiatrist report 20/7/2012, mental health letter 3/11/2016, HMO letter 27/3/2007, mental health 1/8/2007, lease contract 29/6/2020.

It is not possible to contact the High Committee of Population once again for a year from the day of the decision; however, there is a public committee that serves as an appeals committee.


If you are interested in receiving the protocol discussion of the committee regarding your case, you can receive it in the branch of a rental company, through which the request for assistance in housing was submitted.


Sincerely, Eti Levi

Head of the branch


The copy:


M.G.A.R – Jerusalem rent


Assaf Benyamini 029547403


*The letter is presented in masculine gender for convenience, but it addresses both genders as they are.


Jerusalem city district, Hillel 23 mailbox 2060 Jerusalem 159-9505404, fax – 03-7632766


Public reception day: Monday and Wednesday at 8:30-12:30





Given Name   :iSAF


.., J .., r.P J 1:tm)IUJ:) C’ll



1.0. No. 0–295 4740-3   rmnn   Sex f’?J

‘7Nll!Ji c;-m

Place of Birth   ISR A EL

Date of Birth 1 i.11 .1972



e.;’e BROWN

IJ HI C“l’ll ll:lY   18nn’li’


/’) i1·1 jJ n nn!J n1<Yi.,;i c;-m

Place ot l&SUe PET?1H – T:C QW A

IJ • ?’.ll!Hl ·1 l .,01

Date of Issue Date of Expiry

04.06.1 989

03 .06 .1990 “iJ’ln l’Ul’?D ,..,xn


25 June 2021


Case no.: 00-029547403-33-0


Subject: Approval of pension payments according to the section on disability insurance

for the year 2021


[…] Taken in 2021 pensions according to the section on disability insurance.


Payment composition                                 Total of gross

Deduction/debit details

Total of deductions

Net for payment

Extra monthly pension

Special services

Other / disposable

Description    Sum


Health insurance


3,321        104                           104               3,217

3,321        104                           104               3,217

3,321        104                           104               3,217

3,321        104                           104               3,217

3,321        104                           104               3,217

3,321        104                           104               3,217

19,926                                        624               19,302


Sincerely, Bituah Leumi


Approval of pension payments according to the section on disability insurance for the year 2021

– Mr. Assaf Benyamini, ID 02954740/3


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The following is the correspondence that I led on 3/12/2021 with Mrs. Tatiana Kaduchkin – the founder and the director of the movement “We will overcome (Nitgaber)” of the transparent disabled people, in which I participated on 10/7/2018.


Link to the website of the movement:


Her phone numbers are:


972-52-370-8001 and 972-3-534-6644.


[3/12/2021 19:58] Asaf Benyamini: Hello to Tatiana: There is no problem – I will not come to the meeting.

Obviously the assistant of Minister Elkin claimed that I am “committing terrorism with my letters.” She made a very strange and outrageous claim.


After all, many groups in the Israeli society are fighting for their rights in many ways – and in some of the protests (like for example demonstrations of workers fired from their job positions) there is harsh violence – so why am I, who don’t use violence and don’t “commit terrorism” or threaten a person, accused of violence by the assistant of Minister Elkin? Why, according to her judgement, should I not send letters regarding such an injustice against us?


You can tell the respected assistant that in case she wants to report me, she knows very well how it’s done – and that I don’t commit terrorism and I don’t threaten anyone.


I think that with this claim of hers, she is trying to give us fear and silence us – and thus to cause a situation where the harsh injustice that the disabled people suffered for so many years will remain the same and will not be set right.


And to sum up: if they aren’t ready for me to come, there is no problem – I just won’t come and that’s it. But to accuse me of terrorism? It seems to me that she is exaggerating – and she doesn’t even know me personally, and I have never met her, but if she decided anyway to develop such a hostile attitude towards me personally, even with that I don’t have any problem – this is obviously her full right.


Obviously, I don’t know who we are talking about – I don’t know her, and I have never had a chat with her, and I have never met her.


Anyway, it sounds interesting – I didn’t know that my letters scared her this much… If so, I will make an effort to keep sending as many letters as possible…


Anyways, I hope that the meeting will lead to good results – after all, we have enough people in a movement that can properly explain the situation which we are in – it doesn’t have to be me.




And Shabbat Shalom, Assaf Benyamini.

[3/12/2021 20:11] Assaf Benyamini: It’s still not clear to me what “terror” that the assistant of

the minister claimed that I “committed” through letters is – as I mentioned, I don’t know her, and therefore I have never threatened her in any way whatsoever.


She needs to understand that as an assistant of the minister, she is a public servant, who also receives her monthly salary from us, from me and from you, the citizens that sent her to the Knesset.


For this reason, the appeals of citizens to the Minister’s Office are absolutely a legitimate thing – and this is not a threat, nor “terrorism” but it’s totally a basic right that you and I have as citizens of the State of Israel. It seems to me that she is a bit confused…




Assaf Benyamini.


[3/12/2021 20:14] Assaf Benyamini: I got it. She is just trying to scare us.


Personal details:


First name: Assaf                     Last name: Benyamini


ID no.: 029547403


Full mailing address: – Assaf Benyamini, Costa Rica St. 115,

Entrance A – Apartment 4


Kiryat Menachem,


Jerusalem, post code: 9662592


Phone numbers: Home: 972-6427757. Mobile: 972-58-6784040. Fax: 972-77-2700076


My e-mail addresses:


[email protected] or [email protected] or [email protected] or ass[email protected] or [email protected] or [email protected] or [email protected]


The treatment setting in which I am located: Amumat Reuth – Hostel Avivit,

HaAvivit St. 6, Kiryat Menachem, Jerusalem

Israel, post code: 96508


The phone numbers of the hostel offices: 972-2-6432551 or 972-2-6428351. E-mail address of the hostel: [email protected]

The family doctor by whom I am being tracked:


Dr. Brendon Stewart,


“Clalit Health Services” – HaTayelet Clinic, Daniel Yanovski St. 6,


Israel, post code: 9338601


Phone number of the clinic offices: 972-2-6738558. Fax of the clinic offices: 972-2-6738551.


Age: 49. Marital status: Single


Date of birth: 11/11/1972.


Below are some links through which it is possible to find more information about me and about the struggle of the disabled in which I have been taking part starting from the year 2007 in various languages:




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