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Subject: WordPress site maintenance.

Dear Madames/ Sirs .

I own the website


.Built into a system and stored on servers

As you know, in a WordPress blog, from time to time various bugs arise: access to a site that is suddenly blocked, a plugin that suddenly stops working, and so on .

I will note that whenever there is a malfunction or problem on the blog, I get stuck: I am not a programmer or a computer professional and I do not have enough knowledge in the field to solve such problems myself. Also, after several inquiries to the hosting company, I found out that they are not willing to help in these cases.

Therefore, I am looking for a company, or a website on the Internet that can help maintain the site and also provide training for a reasonable price. I am a person who lives on a very low income from a disability pension from the National Insurance Institute, and therefore paying a few hundred shekels a month for such a service is not possible for me.

Do you know of any companies from which I can get such a service?


assaf benyamini,

115 Costa Rica Street,

Entrance A – Apartment 4,

Qiriat menahem,


ISRAEL,  Zip Code: 9662592.

Phone numbers:

at home-972-2-6427757.



  1. 1) Quite often, when I turn to software companies for assistance in a particular blog-related matter, I sometimes have trouble understanding things because of my disorientation with these programming topics. Quite often the owners of these companies misinterpret this, and are convinced that I do understand what they are saying and that this is a kind of “show” or pretense whose sole purpose is defiance of one kind or another.

So it’s important for me to make it clear that this is not any kind of defiance: in many cases I really have trouble understanding things, or can’t understand at all when the explanatory notes incorporate programming terms that Idon’t know. Because of this lack of understanding, I often encounter very harsh reactions from the owners of these companies who are sure that I am trying, so to speak, to make fun of them – and I reiterate that this is not the case:  I have no interest in mocking anyone, and in many cases I really fail to understand the professional explanations.

2)My ID number: 029547403.

3)My email addresses: [email protected]

and: [email protected]

and: [email protected]

and: [email protected]

and: [email protected]

and: [email protected]

and: [email protected]

and: [email protected]

4)my first language is Hebrew(עברית).


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