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Bureaucratic abuse.


Subject: Bureaucratic abuse.

DearMr. andMadam

About three weeks ago (I am writing these words on Thursday, 20.1.2022) I was examined by an ophthalmologist, and I received a recommendation from him to change glasses due to decreased vision. But there is a problem: I am a person who earns a very low income (disability pension from the National Insurance Institute) and I can not afford glasses. I therefore turned to the “Mishkan HaReiya” association, which helps in such cases. But another problem arose: Representatives of the association who returned to me by phone on Thursday, January 20, 22 at 6:58 PM, argued that the certificate of my pension from the National Insurance Institute was insufficient, and that I should present them with a certificate of incapacity for work from the National Insurance Institute. All my attempts to explain to them that there is no such certificate, and that the certificate on the amount of the allowance is the only certificate I have encountered in the wall in the form of opacity and disregard. In addition, I tried to draw their attention to the fact that the confirmation of the amount of my pension already indicates the section on incapacity for work, and that all that is required is to look at the form and see it. But they vehemently refused to look at the form I sent them to see for themselves the information they needed, and slammed the phone in my face.

In short: a dead end and an outrageous, irritating bureaucratic conduct.

So what am I to do? Is there a solution?

Best regards,

Asaf Benyamini,

Costa Rica St. No. 115,

Entrance A.- Apartment 4,

Kiryat Menahem,


Israel, Zip code: 9662592.

Phone numbers: Home +972-2-6427757.  Mobile +972-58-6784040.

Fax number +972-77-2700076.

MadamB. 1) My website:

2) The telephone number of the “Mishkan HaReiya” association: 972-2-6303200.

3) The address of the “Mishkan HaReiya” association:

The Mishkan HaReiya Association,

21 Havatzelet Street,


Israel, Zip Code: 9515802.

4) Their website:

5) IP address.E-mail of the “Mishkan HaReiya” association:

[email protected]




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