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Consequences of a crisis.



Subject: Protection from the consequences of the crisis.

Dear Mr. and Mrs.

As you know, for a couple of days (I am writing these on June 3rd, 2022) there is a concern about a serious crisis breaking out in the field of nutrition security worldwide, this is because of a number of circumstances:

1) The war between Russia and Ukraine, which almost completely stopped the possibility of importation of wheat, grains, and corn from there, which is known to constitute around 30 to 40 percent of the available stock of these crops worldwide, and on the other hand, there is a huge potential of importing these products from China and India, which nowadays is far from being able to be executed, and this is very difficult to do for political reasons as well (countries that have been victims of the western empires in the history are now not willing to cooperate, seeing the western world as to blame for the crisis, and such is the situation, and it only has to pay the price for it. Of course, the attempts to explain to the rulers of these countries that the crisis is a international and that ultimately all the residents of the world will suffer from its consequences regardless of who is to blame–these explanations face deaf ears, and often historical anger and thought, followed by the desire to take revenge by the former colonial powers, which are much more important than the sincere concern of the ongoing and exacerbating global crisis which, in the end, will hurt them as well).

2) The return of the COVID crisis to China, whose ports are known to play a very significant role in the trade of very many raw materials in food industry in the world. In the wake of the return of the crisis and the strict lockdowns there, there is a significant damage for the possibility of maritime transport and trade which come from there, to function properly, which causes a reduction in the supply of many products.

3) As you know, in the recent months, there has been a significant increase in fuel prices worldwide, which increases the costs of transport and storage in cooling, and of course consequently increases the prices of products, including the basic needs of food in the world.

4) Unending and destructive consequences of the climate crisis: droughts, contraction of the areas suitable for processing or agricultural cultivation, total drainage regarding precipitation amounts: very large amounts of rain falling in short periods of time which cause vast floods and deluges, which, apart from doing damages to human life and property, harm agricultural areas as well. On the other hand, we go through very long periods of time, sometimes many years where there is no possibility to support many crops due to lack of precipitation and long periods of drought.

In addition, the trend of desertification and extreme heat waves cause a depletion of water sources, which, of course, poses a very serious threat to large populations, and also makes it very difficult for the sustenance of agriculture and food supply all over the world.

5) And an Israeli-specific reason: the traffic jams at the ports, both in the Port of Haifa and in the Port of Ashdod, which cause the importers in the State of Israel to be forced to absorb the excess cost that is caused by foreign shipping companies. As you know, this problem hasn’t been solved for a long time due to political reasons and unresolved problems in the field of labor relations in the State of Israel.


As you know, the results of this reality are increases in prices, the main sufferers of which are, as always, the weak classes who are in economic distress in the various countries.

As a disabled person who lives on an allowance and belongs to these categories, I would like to ask: Are there currently any political and/or public organizations, in the State of Israel or in other places in the world, whose goal is to try and mitigate the damage to these folks and help them survive? Is there any information at your disposal about this?


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3) I will note that I belong to a weakened population, and live on a disability allowance from the National Insurance Institute. Therefore I also belong to a population that is certainly likely to be hurtby such a crisis in the most severe and hard way.

4) My website: /

And I have an additional question: Are there currently scientific and/or technological research fields that have the potential to lead solutions like this or other solutions? And if yes, to what extent are they promoted and receiving research and development budgets from the governments of the world?

6) Below are a number of links to articles (in Hebrew) that have recently been published in the Israeli press on the subject:

7) I will note that I am a Hebrew-speaking person, and my knowledge of foreign languages is very limited. Except for medium to low level English and very low level French I have no further knowledge in this field.

I was helped by a professional translation company to write this document.



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