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Disabled populations in the world

Humanity includes a wide variety of populations and groups of people around the world. Among the special and oldest groups are the populations of people with disabilities. This means the need to take a unique approach towards these people, who face various daily challenges in the physical, emotional and social spheres. The social and political amendment that expands the rights and protections of people with disabilities around the world is important and just, but there are still many challenges that must be faced on a daily basis.

Culture and language are extremely important parts of the diversity of populations around the world, and among people with disabilities, no less and no more. In some places it is a culture with a common language that allows this group to express themselves and participate in social life in a natural way. And in other places the disability of the people may actually make it difficult, or sometimes even completely prevent this integration.

One of the largest and most diverse populations affected by physical disabilities is the public suffering from blindness or visual impairment.. People with severe vision problems cannot manage their lives and their daily activities such as moving around the city streets, shopping, internet searches and more without appropriate assistance and guidance. Digital technology today offers many ways to help the blind or visually impaired population – and every effort must be made to make these technologies accessible and usable as widely as possible.

Also in the emotional and mental sphere it is necessary to refer to populations of people with disabilities. When it comes to emotional or psychological problems, this may also have an emotional effect on the different social circles of the disabled person, so it is important to provide appropriate psychological support and to understand the unique needs of these people who are in contact with the disabled with one frequency or another.


In order to bring the necessary conditions and improve the quality of life of people with disabilities, it is very important to invest in education. Despite the challenges, most people with disabilities can obtain sufficient education and participate in the labor market. It is important to create opportunities for each and every one to find a job and receive appropriate training in order to have an equal chance in their lives.

Another of the main challenges is transportation access and access to health services compatible with the unique needs of people with disabilities. Public transportation, as well as private vehicles accessible to the disabled can be an excellent tool for the disabled when it comes to their integration into society – just as a lack of transportation accessibility can cause more severe social exclusion of the disabled and disabled populations.

A. On September 16, 2023, I opened an account on the On this site I upload posts in the 88 languages:

Uzbek, Ukrainian, Urdu, Azeri, Italian, Indonesian, Icelandic, Irish, Albanian, Amharic, English, Estonian, Esperanto, Afrikaans, Armenian, Bulgarian, Bosnian, Burmese, Belarusian, Bengali, Basque, Gujarati, Georgian, Galician, German, Danish, Dutch, Hungarian, Hindi, Welsh, Vietnamese, Zulu, Khmer, Tajik, Turkish, Turkmen, Telugu, Tamil, Javanese, Greek, Yiddish, Japanese, Kurdish Suran, Lao, Latvian, Lithuanian, Maori, Mongolian , Malay, Malagasy, Maltese, Malayalam, Macedonian, Marathi, Norwegian, Nepali, Swahili, Somali, Sundanese, Sinhalese, Chinese, Slovenian, Slovak, Spanish, Serbian, Hebrew, Arabic, Pashto, Polish, Portuguese, Filipino, Finnish, Punjabi, Persian, Czech, French, Korean, Kazakh, Catalan, Kyrgyz,, Kannada, Croatian, Creole, Romanian, Russian, Swedish, Thai, Tigrinya

B. Link to my account:

Here are some ideas for software and/or internet systems that I thought of:


1) Search by missing words or phrases – as we know, internet search engines give surfers all the results in which the search word or phrase that the surfer has typed appears.

The challenge is to implement software in the major search engines (such as Google, Microsoft’s Bing, etc.) that will allow surfers who are interested in this the ability to do a kind of “missing search” – search for all information on the Internet that does not include the search term that has been hardened.

For example: when a surfer types the phrase “restaurants in New York” he will receive only information that does not include these search words.

2) Establishment of a news site called “Civil Wars in Our Times” – a news site that will deal with reports from civil wars that occur from time to time in different parts of the world.

3) Plugin for adding content to WordPress – As you know, there are WordPress sites that have a large number of posts. When a user wants, for example, to add the phrase “The full bibliographic list is on the ‘Bibliographic list’ page on this website” at the end of each of the blog posts, the task can be frustrating and tedious when there are a large number of posts to which they wish to add the phrase.

Therefore, the idea is the development of a plug-in, which will allow the addition of the

phrase (in Hebrew) “הרשימה הביבליוגראפית המלאה נמצאת בעמוד ‘רשימה ביבליוגראפית’ באתר זה”, or any other phrase that the user chooses to a large number of posts in one click, and without the need to add the phrase to each post separately- And this in an easy and simple way, which can also be adapted to users who are not programmers or experts in code.

It is also desirable to enable synchronization of the plugin with PolyLanguage or other WordPress plugins with the help of which multilingual websites are built, so that it would be possible, for example, to add a phrase in that language to all posts written in a certain language – also with one click.

for example:

1. Add to all posts in English, with one click, the phrase:

“The full bibliographic list is on the ‘Bibliographic list’ page on this website”

2. Add to all posts in Chinese, with one click, the phrase:



(I don’t know Chinese – I used Google Translate from where I copied this phrase)



C. Below are several posts that I shared on the social network Facebook:


Asaf Benjamin

13in September B-9:46


Shared with public


A strange question:

In recent years it has been talked about that it is possible and in the future there will be a settlement of humans on the planet Mars.

What is the Jewish Halacha’s position on the matter? Is leaving Earth and moving to Mars permitted or prohibited according to Halacha? And is there a difference in this matter between what a Jew commands and what a gentile commands?



2)Asaf Benjamin

15in September B-22:44


Shared with public

Charlie Aufleger



A man walks down the street and shouts country shit, country shit… a policeman stops him on the spot and brings him to a quick trial.

The judge asks, aware the man says yes. The judge asks what do you have to say before I pass your sentence? The man answers, I didn’t say which country. The judge fines the policeman for disturbing the court.

The two leave the court, the police filter, country shit. The man tells him I told you so!

And now in the style of Mike who stopped writing.

Today I witnessed an exciting and shocking case in Israel. A tourist from Russia, a respected doctor, lecturer at the medical school, and her eldest daughter came to vacation in Israel. They were asked at the border control where they would be? They presented an invitation from a hotel in Ashkelon. They were denied entry to the country and they were deported on the grounds that Ashkelon is not a tourist destination and they do not believe them.

Shit country.

3)Asaf Benjamin

24in September B-10:22


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A soldier who drops out of a flight course decides to join one of the air defense units, which is responsible for operating anti-aircraft missiles.

When the soldier is asked why, of all the army units, he decided to join this particular unit, he answers

“Of course I decided to join the unit that operates anti-aircraft missiles. If I don’t fly, no one will fly.”:

4)Asaf Benjamin

23in September B-13:41


Shared with public…/hashavua/article/13002739

An article(In Hebrew) about the history of Education systems in the world.

It turns out that the schools in the format we know today in the Western world started in Prussia, at the beginning of the 18th century.

What do we know about Enoch systems or schools in earlier periods of history (for example, in the Middle Ages or in antiquity)?

And what about the Enoch systems in kingdoms or countries that were not part of the Western world at all (such as the Enoch system in the ancient Near East – Sumer, Akkad or Assyria, as well as the Enoch systems – if there were such in Indian cultures such as the Inca kingdoms, the Aztecs or the Quito kingdom – of course before the Spanish conquest In the hands of Francisco’s army they dispersed at the end of the 16th century)-what do we know about it today?


5)Asaf Benjamin

26in September B-12:33


Shared with public

From a women’s organization comes a demand to open a criminal investigation:

“King Solomon had 1000 wives – a serious case of polygamy!!! We demand that an investigation be opened against him immediately!! And all those involved in the affair be brought to justice!!”.



The admin team has rejected your post in the Ask a Doctor | group Medical staff Wisdom of the crowd.

12 hours ago

Asaf Benjamin   Ask doctor Staff medical wisdom the masses

14 hours ·

to: “Ask doctor Staff medical wisdom the masses“.

Subject: Clinic search.

Dear Madames/ Sirs.

On Monday, October 2, 2023 at 11:30 in the morning, I received a referral to a colorectal clinic from my family doctor at the “Ha-Teilat” clinic of the General Health Fund in Jerusalem.

However, when I approached the clinic’s office, the clerk at the clinic flatly refused to tell me where there are such clinics. I asked her that she would try to check on the computer in the clinic where there are such clinics, she responded with contempt and complete disregard.

The phone number of the clinic is 972-2-5098282.

Of course, the event itself is not surprising at all – such a casual and senseless abuse of the insureds of the fund has been repeating itself again and again for many years.

And on a practical level: I would like to know how I can get information about clinics that have colorectal surveillance in the Jerusalem area (the city where I live).

I will not be able to start the therapeutic follow-up without knowing where there are such clinics and how to contact them.

Best regards,

Asaf Benjamin.

post Scriptum. 1. My phone number: 972-58-6784040.

2. My ID number: 029547403.


Hello, I cannot raise this matter for fear of slander


7)A post by a confused person (reading warning: sane and normal people are asked not to read the post):

Leftists are unable to act for disabled people in my situation.

The reason: the left-wing ideology does support the granting of rights to disadvantaged populations – however, when things are put to the test, it is clearly seen that this ideology does not exist or is applied to the world in practice – and the left-wing parties, if and when they reach positions of power or power, worry about discriminating against disabled and needy populations – and on a practical level, they do not to the world their socialist, and supposedly “social” ideology.

On the other hand, even right-wing people will never be able to act for disabled and needy people in my situation, and this time because of a right-wing ideology that is indeed implemented, if and when these parties reach positions of power or power:

After all, the capitalist worldview claims that the most talented and smartest people in society are the people who know how to succeed in business – or in the vernacular, “make money”.

Hence, if a person reaches a state of poverty, he is probably stupid – and if he is stupid, then he definitely deserves to starve to death in the street (and I will emphasize that I do not think so – however, this is what the world view of capitalism says).

Of course, this worldview is strongly opposed to the need to help people in need: after all, according to the capitalist worldview, they are an inseparable part of the population of stupid people in society – and they deserve to live in hardship and poverty all their lives.

That’s why I will never believe a left-wing man who says he “wants to help me” – and I will just as fully believe a right-wing man who promises this.

And in short: no government or regime – neither from the right nor from the left – will ever have an interest in helping the disabled or the needy – and each of them for different reasons – and with each of them the discrimination will be expressed in a different way – but it will still be exactly the same discrimination.

The conclusion for me is that there is no hope.

Did you read my post? What a shame – I prefaced my words with an explicit reading warning, and I cannot be responsible for those who insist on reading what a complicated person writes…


8)A new custom appears in the world: neighborhoods and residential areas designated only for academics – those with a master’s degree or higher. All the rest of the population lives in other and much smaller areas. At the entrance to the academic neighborhoods there is a tight guard whose purpose is to enforce the new segregation laws.

I am not an academic. I don’t even have a full matriculation certificate – which means I won’t be able to get to many areas from now on forever.

But wait – actually, what do I care? I don’t leave the house anyway.

If the academics want to call it something like the “Dwellings of the Fools” or the Housing of the Barbarians (these are the names given to all those residential areas outside the academics’ residences) – I really don’t care.

For my part, let them stay there and that’s it.


An Indian website – according to them, messages can be sent through itSMS is completely free (I haven’t tried their system – I don’t know if it really works).

But shhh…

Please don’t tell the cell companies…



10)A company called “The New Alphabets” is developing an app with the same name.

This is an application with the help of which internet users can create a set of symbols that will make up letters – and then develop a new language based on it with a new vocabulary – without connection to any of the languages ​​spoken in the world today.

The application blocks, through its mechanism, the creation of fonts, or a vocabulary that is too similar to any language that is currently in use in our world.

Many countries decide to outlaw the company and not allow the system to be used: “We don’t want people who are too smart – it’s dangerous. We are against dangerous ideas. Let no one dare to change our face and sabotage our linguistic hegemony!!! Wisdom is always, but always only found With us – the governments and the businessmen who work for us (or actually we are with them – don’t get confused – we are not admitting a mistake here – that no one would dare to think like that!!). It is very important to maintain ideological unity – and all those who deviate from it work against the unity and integrity of society. And for Maintaining public peace, and as an integral part of our efforts to prevent dangerous thoughts, we will make sure that there is complete ideological uniformity in the various means of communication – radio, television, and the press.”

When these decisions of the governments, which the latter tried to keep secret, become known to the public, a protest begins that is suppressed with great cruelty.

There is great satisfaction in the governments of the world: “We have succeeded in bringing about world peace – cooperation for the sake of promoting our ideological unity. No one will be able to threaten our status anymore – how fun we are!!”.


11)The manager of a psychiatric ward goes crazy, and decides to amputate the legs of everyone who is released from the ward – just like that and for no reason.

The patients’ families submit complaints to the Ministry of Health and the other authorities – complaints that are met with a disdainful attitude and complete opacity.

In their distress, the families decide to turn to the media, which firmly refuse to allow the issue to be published:

“We are trembling with fear. They will file defamation lawsuits against us – it is better that the patients’ legs are amputated than that we lose money that we need to waste.”


12) The State of Israel defines itself, at least apparently, as a democratic state.

But this does not happen in practice, since every statement by someone that is not liked by another person leads to a situation where that person who said what he said is immediately threatened with a libel suit – and of course the vast majority of the citizens of the State of Israel (including me) cannot deal with libel suits and silence suits Because of the financial costs involved.

So I have a suggestion: when a citizen arrives at a public place such as a television studio, radio or any other place where a discussion is held on a certain topic, he will see a sign in front of him on which the organizers of the event will make an orderly list of all the words, in Hebrew or in other languages, that are allowed to be uttered at that event.

Of course, after each question the citizen is asked, he will be forced to go through the list of permitted words – and only use them for the purpose of giving his answers – since using any other word will result in a libel suit with which he will not be able to deal – and of course also to great heartache.

Will I be sued for libel for these words? What forbidden words did I use here?

Who is offended?

What a disaster…



13) According to studies done in the field of criminology, they found that there is cooperation between criminals or criminal organizations from the Jewish sector, and their “colleagues” from the Arab society in Israel.

So who said that there is no coexistence between Jews and Arabs in Israel?

fact that there is.

It is possible and possible, on the basis of this cooperation, to start negotiations for peace – the fact is that this is possible…



14) A new custom appears in the world: neighborhoods and residential areas designated only for academics – with a master’s degree or higher. All the rest of the population lives in other and much smaller areas. At the entrance to the academic neighborhoods there is a tight guard whose purpose is to enforce the new segregation laws.

I am not an academic. I don’t even have a full matriculation certificate – which means I won’t be able to get to many areas from now on forever.

But wait – actually, what do I care? I don’t leave the house anyway.

If the academics want to call it something like the “Dwellings of the Fools” or the Housing of the Barbarians (these are the names given to all those residential areas outside the academics’ residences) – I really don’t care.

For my part, let them stay there and that’s it.




D. Below is the e-mail I sent to Professor Shikma Bresler:


By: Assaf Binyamini <[email protected]>

to:  [email protected]<[email protected]>

Sent on: Saturday, September 9, 2023 at 12:12:35  GMT+3

Subject: My letters to Professor Shikma Bresler.


To: Professor Shikma Bresler, greetings:

Subject: Assistance from influencers.

Dear Madame.

In 2007 I joined the struggle of the disabled in Israel. As of July 10, 2018, I am doing this as part of the “Natgver”-transparent disabled movement which I joined.

As you know, people who try to promote various things on the Internet such as products, websites they own and in many cases also social struggles of various kinds are sometimes helped by network influencers – famous people (so-called “celebrities”) who promote their ideas for an extremely high fee.

My question to you is: Do you know an economic model, with the help of which even people like me, who live on a low income, can integrate into such a format?

I should point out that there is no personal acquaintance between us – I heard about you from the media.

Best regards,

assaf Binyamin,

115 Costa Rica Street,

Entrance A-flat 4,

Kiryat Menachem,


ISRAEL, zip code: 9662592.


Phone numbers: in a secret home due to harassment and a complaint to the Israeli police that was not

handled. Mobile-972-58-6784040. Fax-972-77-2700076.

post Scriptum. 1) My ID number: 029547403.

2) My website:

3) My e-mail addresses:[email protected] or: [email protected] or: [email protected] or: [email protected] or: [email protected] or: [email protected] or: [email protected]

4) The therapeutic setting I am in:

Association “Reut”-Hostel “Avivit”,

Ha Avivit St. 6,

Kiryat Menachem,


ISRAEL, zip code: 9650816.

The phone numbers in the hostel offices: 972-2-6432551. Or: 972-2-6428351.

The social worker from the hostel team, who works in my apartment: Mrs. Sara Stora-972-55-6693370.

5) On July 10, 2018, I joined the movement “Natagver” – transparent disabled people. In the movement we try to act on behalf of the transparent disabled, that is: people like me who suffer from serious health problems that are not visibly visible on the outside, and as a result are discriminated against in relation to other disabled people as well.

The director of the movement, who is also its founder, is Mrs. Tatiana Kaduchkin, and her phone numbers are:

972-52-3708001. Or: 972-3-5346644.

Our website:


E Below is the message I sent to the public inquiries department of the Hadassah Ein Kerem hospital in Jerusalem:


My letters to the public inquiries department of Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital.

Asaf Benjamin< [email protected] >


[email protected]i

Thursday, September 28-13:08

To: Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital – Public Inquiries Department.


Subject: Queue problem for testing.

Dear Madames/ Sirs .

I made an appointment for an echocardiography examination which I have to do urgently – according to the recommendation of the doctors with whom I was examined.

The test was scheduled for Sunday, October 8, 2023 at 11:30 am.

However, the institute staff decided on their own to cancel the appointment and postpone it to October 22, 2023 – and they unexpectedly informed me of this in a phone call from the number 972-2-6777901 – on Thursday, September 28, 2023 at 12:14. All my attempts to explain to the staff The institute that this is a test that I have to do urgently, and that it cannot be postponed until 22.10.2023 ran into a wall in the form of being ignored. When I asked them to offer me some kind of solution to the situation, I answered in the negative.

So what do we do? What exactly do you expect a patient to do in such a situation? Their behavior is simply scandalous. I have no doubt that contrary to the words of the official at the institute I spoke with (I don’t know what her name is), according to them they have no possibility, as it were, to do the test before 10.22. 2023 This possibility does exist – they are simply lying with a determined forehead.


assaf benyamini,

115 Costa Rica Street,

Entrance A – Apartment 4,
Kiryat Menachem,


ISRAEL, zip code: 9662592.

Phone numbers: in a secret home due to harassment and a complaint to the Israeli police that was not addressed.

Mobile-972-58-6784040.   Fax-972-77-2700076.

post Scriptum. 1) My ID number: 029547403.

2) My e-mail addresses: [email protected] or: [email protected] or: [email protected] or: [email protected] or: [email protected] or: [email protected] or: assaffff@protonmail. com

3) The family doctor with whom I am being monitored:

Dr. Brandon Stewart,

“Clalit” Health Services – “HATAYELET” clinic,

6 Daniel Yanovsky St.,


ISRAEL, zip code: 9338601.

The phone number in the clinic offices: 972-2-5098282. The fax number in the clinic offices: 972-2-6738551.

F. Below is a description of a problem I had with the clinic where I am being treated:


Subject: Health insurance clinic – lack of response.

Dear Madames/ Sirs.

I sent the emergency message to the general health fund where I am being monitored, to the fax number:972-2-6738551.

This is the “Hatilet” clinic of the General Health Insurance Fund in Jerusalem.

But they do not respond to this request.

Also, when trying to contact the clinic by phone to the number

Phone 972-2-5098282 No one answers the phone – and after a short time the call is disconnected.

Also, when I tried to contact Kalalit health services through the WhatsApp social network, I received the following message:

According to my data, it is not possible to continue the process on WhatsApp.

For further clarification, you can contact the secretary of your clinic.

You haven’t joined the college yet?

You can do it here easily and quickly:


And when I enter this link, I am directed (again) to the personal area of ​​the website of “Klelit Online” where sending requests to the clinic is not possible.

so what are we doing?

Best regards,

assaf benyamini.



Greetings to the promenade clinic:

Subject: requests to the clinic.

Dear Madames/ Sirs.

I am being treated at your clinic by family doctor Dr. Brandon Stewart.

I would like to request from the clinic:

1) I would like to renew the prescriptions for my regular medications:




I don’t need explanations on this matter – these are medicines that I have been taking on a regular basis for many years.

I am sending you this request by fax since the system of the website “Klelit Online” does not allow me to submit the request through them.

2) And a question to the doctor:

Should I, or is it recommended to get a flu vaccine? And I heard that there is also a vaccine against the new strain of the corona virus. Should I also get this vaccine?

In any case, if indeed receiving these vaccines is recommended for me, I would be interested in knowing what the necessary procedure is for this.

Best regards,

assaf benyamini is a patient at the clinic.

post Scriptum. 1) My ID number: 029547403.

2) My phone number:972-58-6784040.

3) You can send me certificates and/ or recommendations to my e-mail address:

[email protected]

or to my fax number:972-77-2700076.

G. Below is the e-mail I sent to various places:



Subject: Ordering a drug/preparation.

Dear Madames/ Sirs.

I recently received a recommendation from my family doctor to use an ointment called Rectosurin.

But now a problem has arisen: this ointment is not in stock at general health services of which I am a member, and it cannot be ordered from them.

I would like to know from whom I can order this ointment with which I should start treatment.

Best regards,

Asaf Binyamin,

115 Costa Rica Street,

Entrance A-flat 4,

Kiryat Menachem,


Israel, zip code: 9662592.

Phone numbers: in a secret home due to harassment and a complaint to the Israeli police that was not handled.

Mobile-972-58-6784040. Fax-972-77-2700076.

post Scriptum. 1) My ID number: 029547403.

2) My e-mail addresses: [email protected] or: [email protected] or: [email protected] or: [email protected] or: [email protected] or:[email protected] or: [email protected]

H. Below is the email, which I thought I would send to different places:


Subject: Search for a distress center.

Dear Madames/ Sirs.

I am a 51-year-old disabled person (my words are written on 4.10.2023) – and due to my various illnesses I am forced from time to time to go to hospitals – and for this purpose I am currently being helped by the distress center of the Yad Sarah Association.

However, due to the unfortunate incident and the heartache that accompanied it, I want to leave them and look for another emergency center.

Do you know any companies where you can get this service? And if so – at what costs?

Best regards,

Asaf Binyamin,

115 Costa Rica Street,

Entrance A-flat 4,

Kiryat Menachem,


Israel zip code: 9662592.

Phone numbers: in a secret home due to harassment and a complaint to the Israeli police that was not handled.

Mobile-972-58-6784040.   Fax-972-77-2700076.


post Scriptum. 1) Below is a description of the details of the case I recently had with the “Yad Sarah” association:



Subject: form problem.

Dear Madames/ Sirs .

On Friday, September 29, 2023 at 5:17 PM, I arrived at the emergency room of the Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital – and this was due to intense pain that I felt. The appeal was through the crisis center of the “Yad Sarah” association.

In order for me to be able to settle the matter of the financial debt to the Magen David Adom organization, I need the “Yad Sara” association to send me the written referral form (my referral to the distress center via the device at my home was verbal).

However, in my conversations with the employees of the Yad Sara Association from Sunday, October 1, 2023, it became clear that they are not ready to send me the confirmation, and this with the strange claim that “the person handling the matter will return to work only after Sukkot”.

Of course there is nothing to “treat” here – all I asked of them was to send me the referral – confirmation of the referral that I had to the emergency room.

I just can’t understand why the act of sending a form, something that takes about half a minute at most, should be such a complicated thing.

so what are we doing?

I’m just sick and tired of these unnecessary and stupid games – I don’t understand what the hell is their problem with sending the form!!!

Best regards,

assaf benyamini.

2) My ID number: 029547403.

3) My e-mail addresses: [email protected] or: [email protected] or: [email protected] or: [email protected] or: [email protected] or: [email protected] or:[email protected]


I. My links:


1) ISRAGEM-The Israeli Society for Sex and Gender awareness Medicine

2) associationeyes on the way

3) of the sites of  feminist organizations in Israel

4)Connectingconsultation Jewish femininepersonal

5) a room Female doctorsthe group of women the medicine in Israel

6)the center for health heart the womanHome the patients Hadassah eye vineyard

7)InstructionsSave your eyes“-assistance to rehab From pornography

8) – an undetectable artificial intelligence writing tool

9)SMM Buy or try followers, views, likes and more for free

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