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whatsapp groups.

I am looking for whatsapp groups search engine-which I can find relevant groups according to keywords. with regards, Asaf Benyamini, Costa Rica St. No. 115, Entrance A.- Apartment 4, Kiryat Menahem, Jerusalem, Zip code: 9662592 Phone numbers: at home- +972-2-6427757 Mobile- +972-58-6784040. Fax number +972-77-2700076 1) My ID number: 029547403   2) My Email addresses [email protected]Continue reading whatsapp groups.

fax services.

To: Subject: Fax sending software. SirMadamDear. I am looking for software, or a website through which you can receive a sending service, and also receive free faxes – do you know or know of such a system? with regard, Asaf Benyamini, Costa Rica St. No. 115, Entrance A.- Apartment 4, Kiryat Menahem, Jerusalem, Zip code:… Continue reading fax services.

blocked account.

To: Recently(I write it On 14 october, 2021) my suddenly blocked without any reason. How this problem can be solved? assaf benyamini. 1)my account has been marked as “terminated”. 2)my account is connected to my [email protected] my username is: 3)my additional email addresses: [email protected] or: [email protected] or: [email protected] or: [email protected] or:… Continue reading blocked account.

Joining offer.

On July 10, 2018, I joined the “nitgaber” movement – transparent disabled people. We try to help promote the social rights of the “transparent disabled”, that is: people like me, who suffer from disabilities and serious illnesses that are not conspicuously visible to the outside – a lack of external visibility that causes severe discrimination… Continue reading Joining offer. plugin.

To: Subject: Plugin installation. Dear Madames/ Sirs . I write on the website – built on the system, and stored on the servers of I installed the plugin Website Article Monetization By MageNet – however, when I try to verify it using a code on my website, this is not possible, and… Continue reading plugin.

Explanation in Chinese.

To:  Subject: Chinese advertising agencies.  Dear Madames/ Sirs. In 2007, I joined the struggle of the disabled in Israel, in which I still take part – and as of July 10, 2018, I do so as part of the movement “nitgaber” – transparent disabled people, a movement founded and currently managed by Mrs. Tatiana Kaduchkin.… Continue reading Explanation in Chinese.

Here is my correspondence with יום ו׳, 5 באוג׳ ב-11:34 Hello there! While i totally understand your situation, i’m not really sure how we as a plugin can help and even less how I can help (i’m not even sure how you got this mail that is actually used for internal usage only). In… Continue reading


1) As you know, on many websites where users register, there is a “regular” plan where you can use the free system – and at the same time paid plans that have a wider range of options. The idea I was thinking about: developing a site or system on the Internet, which offers a service… Continue reading NEW IDEAS.

Actions on the blog.

To: Subject: site operations. Dear Madames/ Sirs . I own the multilingual website which deals with the issue of people with disabilities. My website was built on the system and stored on the servers of I am interested in the service of providing articles to the website – according to topics chosen… Continue reading Actions on the blog.

Invitation to an activity .

On  10  July  2018  I  joined the Nitgaber  movement for  people  with  invisible  disabilities. We  strive  to  promote  social  rights  for  people  with  invisible  disabilities,  i.e.  people  like  me,  who  suffer  from  handicaps  and  severe  illnesses  that  can’t  be  clearly  seen  by  others,  a  lack  of  visibility  that  causes  harsh  discrimination,  even  in  comparison  to … Continue reading Invitation to an activity .

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