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1) As you know, on many websites where users register, there
 is a "regular" plan where you can use the free system - and 
at the same time paid plans that have a wider range of options.

The idea I was thinking about: developing a site or system on the
 Internet, which offers a service of joining the paid programs of 
several sites simultaneously and in a centralized 
manner (or as they are called: "premium" programs) - and in my
 opinion the operation of such a model can 
have several consequences:

A. A larger number of surfers (including those who are in 
financial distress) who will be able to enjoy better 
services - and a greater variety of online options.

B. In this way, to do a kind of "digital justice" - giving many
 options to underprivileged populations on the net, whose 
use of many 
websites and services today is blocked to them because of too high 
a financial cost.

C. The website owners themselves will be able to benefit from a larger number
 of subscribers to the premium programs (and consequently also an
 increase in revenue - for the simple reason that no website owner or 
system will join such an arrangement without proven economic viability) - and
 within the framework of such an economic model, the company or website
 that operates the "centralized" program "The payments will be transferred 
to the website owners themselves, who will thus essentially become
 a type of subcontractors.

D. Of course, such a model also has disadvantages: communication 
of the end user with the site system which may be more cumbersome 
and difficult, an excuse that will be given to the site owners themselves
 to provide less good service knowing that in this situation they will be 
able to remove responsibility from themselves and refer the end user to the
 company that operates all the programs in a centralized manner. In this 
situation, the company that is responsible for centrally operating all 
the premium programs may refer the end user back to the company that is 
supposed to provide the service directly - which in turn will refer users
 again to the company that is responsible for centrally operating the premium
 programs - and God forbid.
I wonder if there is currently a website or software on the Internet
 that offers such a service - and if it is indeed worthwhile or profitable 
for the three parties involved in the transaction: the companies that operate
 the same premium plans of different websites in a centralized manner, the
 companies that provide or offer the services themselves, and of course also
 the end users who consume the service.

The question also arises as to whether the implementation of such a model can
 have a positive or negative effect on the field of network security - or that
 the effects may be different in any field of activity (writing code, systems
 for building websites, recording videos, browsers, word processors, etc.). And 
of course the question arises as to whether or not studies have been conducted
 on this (and I apologize in advance for my ignorance - assaf benyamini, the 
draftsman of the questions. The writer of these questions is not an economist
 or a programmer and it is possible that they will turn out to be ridiculous
or stupid).

2) In different areas where people live, there is a nuisance
 of insects of various types that disrupt lifestyles, Like for example 
swarms of locusts that damage agricultural crops, areas where there are
 many wooden houses that are damaged by swarms of termites etc.
The question arises as to whether the military technology that exists
 today allows the production of weapons in the form of Tiny, artificial insects
 that will operate under remote control (on the same principle that drones
 operate on) that can carry explosives and operate in areas where the real 
insects from which the area suffers on a regular basis are found. 
For example: in areas that suffer from termite invasions at regular
 times, produce their electronic counterparts in a way that is externally
 similar to their real counterparts and thus making it difficult for the 
enemy to recognize a neighbor. Of course, as much as this tiny weapon is 
similar to the real insect, it will not arouse suspicion and surprise the 
enemy from an unexpected direction.
Another use of such a means can of course also be in the field
 of intelligence: instead of sending flesh and blood spies and risking
 their lives choose to send those insects with tiny transmitters or cameras
 that will bring information about what is happening with the enemy - and of
 course they must include a mechanism of self-destruction in case they are
 caught or discovered.
The question arises here as to whether such weapons systems actually
 exist in different armies in the world, and if the technology that exists
 today does indeed make it possible to produce such weapons or intelligence. Or
 that the production of such a weapon, even if it is technologically possible, is
 not carried out in practice for a variety of other reasons: the economic cost is
 too high, geopolitical reasons of one kind or another and/or international 
treaties of one kind or another because of which the launch of such a product
 is prevented.

Of course, there is always the fear that if and when such a measure is
 developed, or is already developed today, it will trickle down in one way 
or another to problematic regimes, criminal organizations, or terrorist 
And a final clarification: Assaf Binyamini, the author of this document 
is not an expert in military technology or technology in general - and in this
 document I share my personal thoughts only - and nothing beyond that.
3) As we know, a social phenomenon that is both despicable and serious has been
 increasing in recent years: violence that is used against various medical 
teams, in the hospitals and clinics located in the community. It is possible 
that the solution to this difficult social phenomenon could come from a
 completely unexpected direction: wearable computing.

The intention is to develop a sort of folding robotic arm that will be provided
 to staff members in clinics who will wear it under the doctor's or nurse's
 gown, and that those staff members will be able to activate it at the very moment
 when they are attacked. The idea is that this kind of robotic arm will be able to
 hold the rioting patient in place and prevent him from causing significant
 damage - until the arrival of the security forces or the police. The system must
 include another mechanism for loosening the grip on the rioting patient and handing
 him over to the police. Of course, such a product will have
 to fulfill some necessary conditions:

A) The operating mechanism - both for the withdrawal of the robotic arm when 
dealing with the problematic patient and at the stage of releasing him from it 
after the arrival of the policemen must be very simple to be activated by pressing
 only one button by the same medical staff member.

B) During an attack, the mechanism must operate at a very fast speed of 
only a fraction of a second.

c) In order to prevent abuse of the system, it must be determined by law who
 are the parties who are allowed to use it - and only them will receive access
 to it from the public system. At the same time, it should be prohibited to market 
it privately as goods passing to the merchant and heavy prison sentences should
 be imposed on anyone who violates this prohibition.
D) This system should  be lightweight and very comfortable for the medical 
staff to wear, and it should also have the ability to
 be produced in different sizes so that it can be used, for example medical 
staff members of different heights or weights, women 
and men, etc.

E) As you know, there are cases where one medical staff member has to deal 
with more than one person rioting in an emergency
 room or in a clinic or another department - therefore any such system 
must also have the ability to pull out several arms at the same time in 
order to neutralize several people at the same time. Of course, here too, the 
operating mechanism will have to be very simple, and also operate 
at a very fast speed of only a fraction of a second.
F) And another condition, no less necessary: ​​determining penalties, and even to
 the extent of denying a license to practice 
a profession for medical staff members who make unjustified or disproportionate 
use of this system.

For example: in cases where there is no attack or danger to the medical
 staff and they have to deal with a patient who is angry, and even raises his
 voice and shouts - however, no one is actually at risk. Likewise, also when it 
comes to a "snoozy" patient who repeats the same statement or request over and 
over again and this is very irritating to certain staff members - after all, even
 in such cases a medical staff member who makes excessive or disproportionate use 
of such a system should be punished with extreme severity - and there will be 
those annoying or rude patients however they may be.

Of course, the question also arises as to whether opening such a product and
 then producing and marketing it in such large quantities is indeed possible 
with the technologies that exist today.


4) As you know, sometimes there are entrepreneurs who come up with an idea
 for a start-up, an innovative service, and so on. Of course, one of the
 first questions that arise, apart from the thoughts about the idea itself, is 
the inevitable question: Is the idea that I just thought of something that 
someone else has already thought of before .
The challenge is to develop software or a system on the Internet, in which
 the entrepreneur can fill in several fields regarding the characteristics
 of the innovative idea in general terms. After typing, the system scans the 
major search engines on the internet (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.) - and at the 
end of the scan, the idea creator will be given an answer as to whether it is 
something that already exists or not.
It should be noted that the writer of these lines (Assaf Binyamini) is not
 a programmer or a professional - therefore he has no information as to whether 
such software or system already exists or not.

5) As you know, in the State of Israel there are occasionally large events that
 cause extensive damage to a very large number of business owners. The reference
 is, for example, to the events of a military campaign when missiles are fired at
 the territory of the country and as a result the business is shut down involuntarily
 and accumulates huge financial losses, widespread epidemics because of which the
 business is forced to reduce its activity for an extended period and more.

When these business owners request that the State of Israel compensate them for
 all these damages, they are caught up in a long and exhausting bureaucratic
 procedure during which they are asked to present a lot of documents and paperwork.
The challenge is the development of software or a computerized system, in which
 those business owners will be able to fill in the designated places various data
 about the business activity such as: the cash flow of the business on normal 
days, the extent of the damage caused, etc.
In this way, it may be possible to shorten and streamline the bureaucratic process.
Of course, in the development of such a system, several things must be taken into

A. The work will not only involve the technological challenge. At the same
 time, there will be a need for work in the field of public relations, law and
 politics in order to obtain cooperation on a large scale from authorities such
 as the Ministry of Finance, the Tax Authority, etc., without which the execution
 of such a project would be impossible.

B. After the system is in place, it will be necessary to implement it on the website
 of the Ministry of Finance in order to increase its efficiency. Its use must be 
offered freely and free of charge.
C. The system must also include an artificial intelligence-based filter for the
 purpose of detecting imposters who try to abuse the mechanism that bypasses the 
bureaucracy it offers.
D. In all phases of the work there will be a need for continuous contact with
 state authorities such as the Ministry of Finance and the Tax Authority. It is also
 very important for the employers' organizations to participate so that they raise
 their comments and draw the attention of the developers regarding procedures or
 procedures in the field that may not have been properly understood by the system
 developers - or those that the programmers were not even aware of their existence.
E. The system must include a mechanism that will allow such or other changes to be
 made from time to time that may be necessary in view of a changing reality. Of 
course, the ability to make such changes cannot be open to the general public but
 only to certain factors that will be agreed upon by the employers' organizations
 in the economy on the one hand - and the state authorities such as the Ministry of
 Finance and the Tax Authority on the other.

F. And another thing that must be taken into consideration: a certain part of the
 business owners, like the public in general, does not have sufficient technological
 literacy to use such a system when needed independently. Therefore, the company that
 will develop the project will have the obligation to recruit the positions of a kind
 of "technological brokers" on its behalf - and this is to try and prevent a situation
 in which business owners of this or that will not be able to receive the compensation
 they deserve due to the lack of access to the necessary digital resources such as a 
computer, a suitable cell phone, etc. The options for establishing contact with
these technological intermediaries must be very flexible: contact by telephone, 
contact on a social network, contact by email - and this according to the preferences
 of the business owners who apply and/or constraints of the situation or reality in
 which these businesses are placed.
G. After implementing the system on the website of the Ministry of Finance in the
 network, it is necessary to create a customer service center for users who will 
encounter difficulties in using it.

H. Since it is known that each disaster or event can have unique characteristics 
that do not exist in other disasters or events, there is a necessity to appoint
 a forum in which representatives of the state authorities and employers in the
 economy will be members, and this in order to discuss, when necessary, changes 
in the way that customer service operates in accordance with the 
unique characteristics of each event and event and the changing reality.

The writer of these words (assaf benyamini) is not a professional, an economist, a
 computer programmer or has any experience or knowledge in the business world - and 
these words are written as suggestions or ideas that the writer of these words has
 thought about - and nothing beyond that.
6) Challenge in the field of design:

When a military system occurs, populations that do not take part in the campaign
 seek shelter in order to protect their lives. However, when it comes to the
 disabled, the situation is complicated and very difficult: disabled people who have
 difficulty with mobility, with or without a wheelchair, often cannot run to the
 shelter or even walk fast enough to enable them to reach the shelter in time for
 the purpose of saving life.
The task is to develop a kind of facility inside the residential apartment, which 
will be flexible and very simple to set up when needed - and on the other hand, strong
 enough to protect the disabled person's life from stones falling from a collapsing 
roof or shrapnel from shells or ammunition of one kind or another. This system will
 have to include, at the same time as the necessary protection of the disabled
person's life, also the possibility of calling for help after the collapse of the
 structure - because if the disabled person is not injured and remains alive, he
 will not be able to get out of the ruins independently - which a person with two 
healthy and functioning legs can certainly do.
7) Establishing a social network, which will be intended 
for uploading quotes of any type and without limitation from 
across the network.
The users of this network will be divided into two types: people
 who upload the quotes, and people who comment on them.
All new users in this network will have to define when opening the 
account if they intend to upload quotes - or if they intend to 
respond to quotes that other users upload.
8) As you know, there are many contests and in different places for quality, beautiful
 and spectacular content on different platforms around the web.
But what about competitions that go in the opposite direction?
And the meaning: the establishment of websites, social networks, or any other 
online platform in which a competition will be held between different users for
 uploading ugly, bad or shocking content, photos or video clips. In any such
 contest, the user can upload content that he finds shocking, ugly or as bad as 
possible - and the most offensive user will win.
Of course, such a competition can be conducted according to many models: the 
wisdom of the masses, a team of judges composed of the founders of these site and so on.
9) In the process of creating a motion picture, a script is written - and
 then there are many stages in locating actors, production and everything involved.

I wonder if it is possible with the technologies that exist today to develop
 a system, which will "know" based on the initial data of a script and plot to
 develop a completely complete motion picture using artificial intelligence. And
 I mean the same principle according to which there are today systems 
like that "know" how to write articles according to keywords.
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