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While i totally understand your situation, i’m not really sure how we as a plugin can help and even less how I can help (i’m not even sure how you got this mail that is actually used for internal usage only).
In fact, this mail arrived as spam and i found it just by mistake. we’re a multilingual plugin but we do not offer any financial advise nor know how we could help you with this information.


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To:   ““.
Subject: Financial support for the disabled.

Dear Madames/ Sirs . 

I am a 50 year old disabled person who lives in the Kiryat Menachem neighborhood of Jerusalem, Israel. Unfortunately, the State of Israel has not allowed a minimal existence in terms of obstruction of people in situations for many years – and many struggles, including trials, demonstrations, and much public activity in front of Knesset (Israeli Parliament) institutions – all of this worked simply not.


My question to you is: do you know or do you know any aid organizations that can provide financial support to individuals, from whom people like me can apply for assistance or financial assistance?


I would appreciate if you could explain as much as you can about this.




Assaf Binyamini.


post Scriptum. 1) I will mention that I am a Hebrew speaking person and my foreign language skills are very poor – with the exception of medium to low level English and very low level French. I have no further knowledge in this area. I enlisted the help of a professional translation company to write this letter.


2) Below is a link to the Hebrew Youtube channel that I opened on April 28, 2020 and where I occasionally upload content related to the disabled:





3) Below are some explanations / details on the situation of disabled people in the housing sector:

ONE. Problem Funding / Rent Payment – Many years ago it was determined (and it is not clear by whom – but apparently this is one or the other government official) that disabled people living in the community are eligible for NIS 770 per month assistance for payment of rent. It is well known that real estate prices in the State of Israel have risen sharply in recent years – and, as a result, rents have also risen significantly. However, it does not update the aid amount of NIS 770, which was set many years ago in a completely arbitrary way and with no explanation or logic. Unfortunately, even after a great deal of correspondence (and there are at least a few thousand or even tens of thousands of letters, and unfortunately for the author of these things these numbers are not at all exaggerated), And sent to every possible source: the Ministry of Construction and Housing in its various branches, other ministries such as the Treasury and the Prime Minister’s Office, many journalists, most of whom wrote this document personally, many lawyers, and even foreign investigative offices and embassies. As a result, the level of support will not be updated. Many disabled people are thrown on the street and die there in winter from hunger, thirst or cold or alternatively from heat stroke or dehydration in summer. It should be noted that organizations such as Yedid or Legal aid clinics at universities and colleges with which the author is in contact can never help, and the reason for this is simple: the level of support provided by NIS 770 is provided by law, and organizations to exercise rights can only help and only under applicable law and the only address in cases where legislative changes are required is known to be the Knesset. But here the situation becomes more and more complicated: as has long been known (these things are written in a day

Friday January 17, 2020) The State of Israel is switching from one election campaign to the next, and even the third election, which should take place about a month and a half after the time of writing, doesn’t necessarily herald the formation



of a functioning government. It should be noted that even if the Knesset and the government respond to the author’s requests


These lines, as well as requests from disability organizations and many other parties regarding the level of support for Knesset members, were automatically forwarded to rights organizations. Rights cannot be the address, but only yourself.



B. B. Communication with the homeowner – There are many cases where disabled people have difficulty negotiating with the homeowner because of their illness or disability. In these situations the social workers have to act as mediators – and a very large part of the social workers cannot really take on this role in every case. In addition: The extensive cuts in standards for the work of social workers in recent years, combined with the harsh working conditions, the low wages, the inadequate treatment of patients by families, who are often seen by them, and the unjustified responsibility for the bad Caring for their loved ones – all in addition to the workload The impossibility that sometimes forces them to neglect even urgent or dangerous situations – all this makes it even more difficult for people with disabilities to find suitable housing and for the social worker to help.


third. Means of payment for patients – there are situations when a person moves into the community after a long stay in hospitals and does not have lifestyle habits that are considered normative, e.g. B. going to work, being responsible for managing their life, etc. Very common requirements for signing a rental agreement Guarantee checks are not possible for people at this stage in their life. Many care and rehabilitation frameworks that have existed in the past (In one case, the author of this document was assisted in leaving a sheltered hospital about 25 years ago.) In recent years they have closed or significantly reduced the scope of their activities. This can prevent the rehabilitation of people who cannot progress in this phase of life without these essential prerequisites.




D. The problem with the series – there is now a complete imbalance in terms of the duties and rights of the homeowners on the one hand and the tenants of the apartments on the other. There are many laws protecting landlords from this or that misuse of rental periods that tenants may commit. On the flip side, there are no laws to protect the people living in the apartments from exploitation by landlords – and as a result, many leases are found in scandalous, draconian and sometimes even illegal clauses – and there are no laws to protect these tenants from signing them Contracts. In many cases, tenants don’t have one legal right to object to offensive clauses signed as a condition of renting the property – and they are completely exposed to the whims of the homeowners and sometimes even during the lease itself.


Of course, this problem is from the population


However, it should be borne in mind that dealing with homeowners in These situations are of course more difficult for vulnerable groups such as the disabled or the sick.


God. Information Difficulties – There are significant difficulties in bringing the above difficulties up and making them available to the public to make the necessary corrections. The current priorities of the various media, almost uninterested in the subject, the division between disabled organizations, the reluctance of many factors in the society in which we live to actively participate in attempts to correct and improve the situation – all of these are grave and difficult efforts to bring these issues to the public. The Knesset members must make the necessary legislative changes instead of continuing to ignore and do nothing. Another difficulty with starting an advertising campaign is that people with disabilities who receive disability benefits cannot pay the copy amounts requested by the advertising companies to run a campaign promoting addressing the problem – and many attempts by the document’s author to remove this





barrier getting around by joining this or that student promotion project did not help – as the latter did not help. They showed no interest in it and did not see it as a problem that was really important.


4) It should be noted that due to the catastrophic consequences of the corona epidemic in the economic field (in addition to health, of course), very many residents of the State of Israel, including many disabled people, are literally hungry for bread today. Unfortunately, despite the failure of the Israeli government to cope with the crisis, the situation in this area is deteriorating.



Subject: Product question.

Dear Madames/ Sirs.

I am a 48 year old person who suffers from many medical problems

– including visual disturbances. That’s why I wear glasses that cost a lot of money to order every few years, hundreds and sometimes even thousands of shekels. Apart from that, problems like fumes or scratches on the lens are also very stressful for the use and quality of life.



I’ve heard of a product called “Proper Focus” which, according to advertisements, can only be ordered for 210 shekels (including postage) and which can automatically adjust to the number of glasses that will suit the person using it.

I asked you: do you know the topic? And if you know the subject – is it a product that has been proven medicinally effective and that has a scientific or scientific basis – or is it



Advertising for such or other charlatans, or worse, a fraud that aims to cynically and viciously take advantage of the plight of people with severe vision problems?


Assaf Binyamini.

post Scriptum. Link to an article in Hebrew about the product in question:


Subject: Script ideas.

Dear Madames/ Sirs.

I have written the 8 fictional stories attached — and I am looking for websites that hold a kind of “contest” between users who offer ideas for the film or television industry to which such stories can be submitted.

Do you know of any such websites?


Assaf Binyamini.


                                      Story number 1 – Deadly temperatures:      



The year is 2070. The climate crisis in the State of Israel and around the world is exacerbated – but humanity has managed by technological means to overcome problems such as water shortages and find a way to even maintain agriculture under these conditions.  Throughout the year, the temperature in the State of Israel (throughout the country) rises to 90 degrees Celsius in the afternoon and about 70 degrees Celsius at night. In such a reality people cannot exist without special protective equipment — without it a person is actually sentenced to death. But this is sophisticated and expensive scientific equipment – and in the State of Israel a public debate is occured about which groups to allow or not allow access to this equipment: Should the state fund the expensive and life-saving equipment for everyone — or should it define in law who will receive it and who will not (and there is no alternative equipment available for this purpose — despite the relentless attempts of scientists to develop it)? And what is the attitude of the legal system towards someone who deprives another person of access to protective equipment — accidentally or maliciously?

And should the State of Israel assist in this matter to third world countries where the equipment is missing or improper – which causes mass mortality – or because of its high price the State of Israel is obliged to provide this protection first and foremost to its own citizens – regardless of their political or ideological affiliation? And how will the media: radio, television, press or media using other technological means that do not yet exist today, in 2022 cover the issues related to everything related to this protective equipment (and what will it be called? What will be the foreign name, or Hebrew name?).

And there are other dilemmas associated with the same protective equipment: Some of the factories that manufacture it use oil extracted from non-kosher animals — use that is an essential part of the production process, without which the final product cannot be obtained. The chief rabbis do not allow the use of this equipment for Jewish religious reasons — so the religious and ultra-Orthodox public have found a way to produce the same protective equipment using oil extracted from only kosher animals — which makes the entire production process considerably more expensive. In this situation, tensions are created between the secular public who claim that they are not willing to finance the excess production expenses – and the ultra-Orthodox public who claim that since the State of Israel is the state of the Jewish people, and to preserve the Jewish character of the state. The need to fund those special enterprises also arises in the various election campaigns — amid bitter, very passionate and endless arguments between the various political parties.

Of course, even among the Muslims in the world, they have a system of a kind of kosher unique to them (kosher known as “halal”) – which also causes a price increase in the production process. These funds should be allocated for social purposes for the benefit of needy or sick people.

And there are also geopolitical implications: a significant portion of Muslims in Europe, who in the meantime have become a majority on the continent side with their factories with all the excess costs. Christian populations refuse to obey — and as a result we are witnessing incessant conflicts that lead to real religious wars. The situation on the continent is in complete chaos – and the intervention of the powerful countries only exacerbates the situation because of the conflicting interests when each powerful countries intervenes with the assistance of another side in the fighting. The State of Israel does not intervene – but the security services in the State of Israel are very concerned about this due to the relative proximity of some of the areas where the fighting is taking place in the same  European Union that has ceased to function at the civilian level in every way. The State of Israel does not intervene – but the security services in the State of Israel are very concerned about this due to the relative proximity of some of the areas where the fighting is taking place in the same European Union that has ceased to function at the civilian level in every way.  Many efforts are being made in Israel to rescue Jewish populations from the battle zones and help them immigrate to Israel, but due to the large resources that the State of Israel itself has to pay for the production of protective equipment, there is very little budget left for the security services. The workers of the defense industries go out in large demonstrations, set up a large public protest that lasts for many years and they do not believe the State of Israel that there are not enough budgets for the rescue operations.

These protests are unsuccessful and according to the protesters, the various Israeli governments show complete opacity towards them. They are in trouble, and in view of this intolerable situation in which rescue operations can not be financed, the Israeli security services are constantly trying to find innovative and creative ways to rescue the Jews who fell into the battle zones of bloody Europe: trying to raise funds through special associations, For innovative and creative ideas for these rescue operations.


                                                       Story number 2 – Insect Market:

In the military industries around the world, a new type of weapon is being developed: flying electronic insects, which are remotely controlled by computers. The chips installed in this tiny insect are programmed to “settle” on a specific target (i.e .: soldiers from the enemy army) and inject them with a deadly poison that will cause their death within a few seconds. Immediately afterwards, a self-destruct mechanism operates, in which the electronic insect actually “kills itself” through a controlled explosion.

Different countries secretly develop this weapon — when the speed at which the same insect operates makes it very difficult to detect — when all its actions— the “settlement” of the victim, the automatic poison injection, and the controlled explosion last only a few tenths of a second.

But some of the secret services of some countries of the world manage to discover the existence of these systems in enemy countries – something that is also kept in complete secrecy.

The security services in the State of Israel decide to join this “trend” but still do something that is unique to Israel – which does not exist in any other country. All over the world the facilities in which these electronic insects are produced are very small — and the largest of which reach a few cubic meters at most per facility — and for illustration: at least a few hundred such facilities enter the living room of a normal home. But in the State of Israel, a different reality is taking place, and it is much more outrageous: huge facilities are being set up in large areas – which, of course, due to their secrecy, no one knows what is really being done in them. The citizens of Israel are left helpless: because of the large areas allocated to all those production facilities (which of course are not necessary: ​​these electronic insects can certainly be produced in zero and infinitely small areas) there is no room left for vital civil needs such as hospitals, kindergartens, schools and virtually all The Israeli economy is enslaved in favor of these secret facilities. This leads to widespread public protests — however, they are severely suppressed using severe violence by police officers. The entire Israeli economy is paralyzed because of what has been defined as these “security needs” – and apart from the production industry of these insects, all the other trade and services industries in the country are collapsing one after the other.


In this reality, too, public protests are becoming more and more extreme and violent — and include more and more cases of live firing on security forces. As a result, the State of Israel is embroiled in a real civil war that is dragging into it all the other countries in the Middle East – which leads to destruction, destruction and destruction on a large scale.

The owners of the big real estate companies, to whom all the financial profits come from operating the facilities, some of whom have even become sort of secret partners and are well aware of the excessive activity in which they continue to cooperate with the government even at this stage of the  Civil War , And also the lives of very thousands who die in this war.


                                                  Story number 3- North Korea Agents:

As is well known, in the North Korean army there is a “military” unit with scandalous activity called the pleasure units.  The North Korean ruler decides on malicious activity by North Korean agents who will operate in countries around the world and try to smuggle young women from different countries and bring them to North Korea by deception.  The vast majority of these “agents” operate in sophisticated and inconceivable ways — however, in the world press stories are beginning to be published about these agents and their methods of operation.

At first the public in the various countries does not believe in the horror stories that are published — and any media outlet that publishes articles on the subject is automatically suspected of doing so in an attempt to gain further ratings and nothing more. However, with the increase in the number of cases, and North Korean agents caught in various parts of the world and sentenced to long prison terms, and in some cases even executed – and this along with horrific stories that continue to be published world governments are forced to admit the existence of women , And begin to struggle with it. At the same time not in all cases the agents are caught — and in very many regions of the world fail to prevent the kidnappings.

The public atmosphere is harsh and murky all over the world, quite severe and aggressive economic sanctions are imposed on North Korea — however due to the nuclear weapons in its possession no country, and even the major powers do not go to war to overthrow the regime in North Korea and thus eliminate the ugly and criminal phenomenon. Two North Korean agents arrive in Israel after several years and at some point in their activities are captured by the “shabak”(ISRAELI intelligence unit) – and immediately a widespread public protest arises demanding their execution – as has been done in many other countries. But this does not happen: the two agents are indeed on trial and convicted of serious offenses of attempting to commit trafficking in human beings – and receive a sentence of life imprisonment – but the Supreme Court of the State of Israel refuses to sentence them to death. In doing so, Israel does not shy away from North Korea’s threats, because if Israel does not immediately release the two convicts, it will start a nuclear war that will destroy the entire world. In this way, the State of Israel significantly improves its position in international public opinion.

A very small proportion of the abductees who managed to escape from North Korea and escape the hellish life in the scandalous military unit unfold their stories extensively and become highly sought after interviewees in the media all over the world. At the same time, the continued existence of the phenomenon, and the inability of the world to uproot it lead to great anxiety and an unbearable reality in which women all over the world fear at any given moment that they will be abducted. Intelligence organizations around the world are publishing a kind of international “tender” in which high monetary prizes are offered to anyone who succeeds in finding creative ways to eradicate the abduction phenomenon. A kind of “competition” develops in which intelligence personnel from all over the world participate – and every year a secret ceremony is held in which the prizes are awarded. The winners sign very high-ranking confidentiality forms during the “agents’ war” that is developing around the world: North Korean agents trying to carry out the abductions – and intelligence officials from other countries trying to thwart them and seize the agents from North Korea to their country.


                                    Story number 4 – Cancer waves:  


A small group of scientists from different countries in the world are developing an innovative treatment that cures all types of cancer. The treatment is performed, in the first stage on identifying the tiny voice imprint (which cannot be discerned in the human ear) of blood flow in the patient’s body – detection that is also possible from thousands of miles away, and devices that know how to select sound claims Of cars, noise of radio or television broadcasting, ordinary people talking, etc.

Once the device detects the sound imprint from the patient’s blood, it knows, according to its unique characteristics, to identify the type of cancer from which the patient suffers, and within a few seconds “launch” special radiation that reaches the patient and knows how to eliminate the cancerous growth.

The technology is very sophisticated and advanced — and the operators of these healing devices know how to send that unique radiation so that it reaches only the intended patient and ignores a great many other objects in the way: cars, buildings or even other people or animals — and even if they are very close to the patient wants to help.

But this is a secret technology that is not accessible to the general public who do not even know about its existence. This technology is accessible to a very limited number of world haters like the biggest billionaires and capitalists, the President of the United States or the President of Russia.

An Israeli MOSSAD agent is terminally ill with cancer – and when the doctors inform him that he has only six months left to live, he exercises his unique skills and manages to discover the existence of the unique healing method – and the man shares this with his doctors who do not believe him at first and diagnose him as someone with mental illness who lost the contact with reality. But the man is not harmful to the environment and is not dangerous – so he is not forcibly hospitalized in a psychiatric hospital – and it is decided to leave him alone in view of the fact that anyway he don’t have so long time to live.

The Mossad man who surpasses the secret treatment also receives blatant contempt from his members of the intelligence community – and is simply told that he will “stop talking nonsense.” The man decides, in an attempt to save his life to contact the developers of the innovative treatment directly, and succeeds, while committing a serious criminal offense, to bribe them so that he can receive from them the medical treatment he needs. His condition improves rapidly — something that comes as a complete surprise to all the people around him — and it happens simultaneously to expose the heinous act of bribery that has occurred. As the Israel Police begins to investigate the case, more and more people begin in the system who claim that there can be no mere coincidence here, and that there must be a connection between the two cases.

The man from the MOSSAD who had cancer and recovered from the innovative treatment was taken to many interrogations – and due to the considerable improvement in his health, it was decided to interrogate him more and more intensively – and at one point or another he broke the interrogation. Investigators are convinced at this stage that there is no reason in these circumstances to continue the investigations and release the detainee immediately. At the same time, they decide, for ideological reasons, to expose the innovative treatment method and leak it to the press. At first no one believes the story, but as more and more evidence is presented for the existence of the innovative healing technology, its public image changes within a few years and gains legitimacy.

But despite the widespread public legitimacy the former Mossad official, as well as his investigators are arrested and prosecuted on a series of charges such as receiving anything fraudulently under aggravated circumstances, breach of duty of confidentiality of office bearers and more. The public demands the release of the accused, and many demonstrations are held in support of them. But nothing helps – and the Supreme Court of the State of Israel sends the defendants to long prison terms, completely ignoring many mitigating circumstances, including the necessity of exposing the special healing technology for the purpose of saving lives.

Finally, the result is dismal: the unique healing technology is no longer secret – however it remains accessible to very few people due to its astronomical price of $ 80 million. Also the same people who leaked it, the former Mossad agent and his interrogators remain in jail for life – and the court insists here on keeping the dry law and insists the defendants stay in jail for the offenses they committed – and of course the all-encompassing mitigating circumstances save lives in the state of Israel.


                                         Story Number 5-the professor’s death:

A group of Israeli and American brain researchers work collaboratively in lectures, joint scientific conferences and even work in hospitals in Israel and the United States in wards that treat patients with neurological diseases: Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, multiple sclerosis, etc. One of the Israeli researchers achieves unprecedented scientific achievements in his research – which evokes strong feelings of jealousy in one of his American colleagues – and the Israeli doctor does not know about it at all, and although the American doctor’s jealousy quickly turns into real hatred towards his Israeli colleague the latter can not know about So at this point where there is no sign of it in reality and things are going on, on the face of it as usual.

The American professor decides to take revenge on his Israeli colleague in a shocking way: he arrives in Israel, ostensibly to visit one of the patients of the Israeli doctor – a man with a severe neurological disease – a childless man with no relatives.

The hospital staff in Israel are moved by the so-called humanitarian gesture – and no one imagines the act that the American doctor planned in great detail. In view of the great trust that the senior physician receives, he is allowed to remain alone in the same room with the Israeli physician’s patient.

The American doctor takes advantage of the great trust placed in him and pulls out a pair of small scissors, with the help of which the hospital security measures were unable to detect. Due to the heavy workload in Israeli hospitals, as well as the fact that no one imagined that this was the real intention of the American doctor, the case is only revealed after a few hours – and the staff of nurses who discover the horror immediately involve the police – which opens only two days later. Handle the incident immediately despite its severity.  In its investigation, the Israel Police concludes that the American doctor is indeed the perpetrator, but the period of time that elapsed before the Israeli police began to operate was well utilized by the American doctor, who has meanwhile managed to escape from Israel and return to his home in the United States.

The authorities in the State of Israel turn to their American counterparts and demand the man’s extradition in order to prosecute him in Israel for his serious act.

However, the authorities in the United States vehemently refuse to extradite him and insist that his trial should take place in the United States and not in Israel. In the United States, a corrupt and unfair legal process is being conducted — at the end of which the professor is acquitted of all serious charges, and does not even lose his license and continues to treat patients in the United States. During his trial, even blatant antisemitic allegations were heard about the “justified revenge” of the American doctor on the Jews. His colleagues in Israel are very angry and cut off contact with him – and at the same time are waging a public struggle aimed at bringing about the extradition of the criminal American professor to Israel. But the State of Israel is dependent, as is well known, on American aid, so its hands are tied and the possibilities for action are very limited, if at all.

A few months after the end of the legal proceedings in the United States, the young American professor’s wife one day finds his body in the yard of their house – with severe signs of violence on the body. She of course immediately turns to the local police — and conducts an investigation that finds itself at a dead end and no one has a clue as to the identity of the killer. Investigations by the US intelligence services, the CIA and the FBI also come to a dead end and fail to reach even the faintest hint as to the identity of the killer.

Many questions remain unanswered: that professor’s residence was well protected by electric gates, a smart identification system (which made it very difficult for even his relatives to enter their own home) – so how did the killers get into the yard, drag the professor there and murder him – and more when No one noticed the act in real time?

How can there be such a situation at all? And why did the CIA and the FBI in general open an investigation or get into the picture, given that this is a private criminal case and not a matter concerning the national security of Israel or the countries of the liaison? Was it his former Israeli accomplices who brought about his death — in the face of their great anger at his betrayal of them, his criminal act, the antisemitic remarks during his subsequent trial, and also at the result of the corrupt legal proceedings he wins?

And if this is indeed the case – why does no one in the State of Israel suspect them, and no police investigation has been opened against them? Is it possible that the so-called “investigation” of the CIA and the FBI was not a real investigation but a staged move? And if so – why did the CIA and FBI have any interest in presenting such a misrepresentation? Or would there be another possibility: the same helpless patient the American professor’s murdered was in fact not loneliness at all, and he had connections that no one in the hospital knew about? And were those people (who no one knows) who decided to take revenge on the American professor and murder him? Could there be such a situation?





                               Story number 6-The System:

In the whole world, many deaths occur suddenly, of which no one understands their origin or cause. After several months of investigations of the cases by all the police of the world, they finally manage to discover that all the deceased were actually killed by gunfire – and investigations are underway in which those who are sure to have committed all the murders are convicted. However, no one can explain how it is possible that the dimensions of crime have suddenly risen so sharply without any logical explanation or reason. As a result of this situation, more and more prisons are forced to be built – and the prison construction industry is becoming the main branch of the entire global economy, which the world’s wealthy begin to manage.

A few years back in which the number of victims reaches many millions, the world’s police have been cooperating in the investigation of the cases with an increased effort to try to find out what is the real reason for the sharp rise in crime rates – and an astonishing reality is revealed in its strangeness: all the shootings, and without exception were not carried out by flesh-and-blood criminals but by a computerized facial recognition system – which, because of a software malfunction, automatically began to shoot and kill anyone who put a smile on his face. Repeated attempts by the best experts to fix the software bug fail miserably – until the world is finally forced to come to terms with the existence of a formidable system that claims more and more victims.

All over the world, workshops are held in which they try to teach citizens not to smile – and in this way save their lives. These workshops are defined as survival workshops that reach everywhere: workplaces, schools and the media constantly broadcast them – and any media that dares to present things, on any subject in a humorous way, is immediately closed by order of the authorities. A grim social reality is created in which the law forbids the utterance or publication of any cynical jokes or statements – and those who deviate from these provisions are executed en masse. And there are implications in many other areas of life:   The celebration of holidays of any kind is completely banned – and even the wealthy who earn large sums of money from building more and more detention facilities and, as a result, develop positive emotions that make them put a smile on their faces are shot to death one by one.

On the other hand, these financiers vehemently refuse any offer to reduce the huge number of detention facilities and release all the prisoners convicted of murder even before the world knew that they were carried out by the computerized system and not by murderers who come from the company of human beings, and even though they themselves are shot to death en masse. Moreover, even when it is clear that these financiers will be the next victims, they are still not willing to release any prisoners lest their financial profits be harmed. Many stories are published about wealthy people who did not agree to this even in their last moments of life.

This reality leads to radical changes in many other areas of life as well: it is strictly and completely forbidden to hold poetry performances, theaters or film screenings in cinemas. Also all companies that are engaged in the development of computer games or creative games of any kind are immediately closed by order of the governments of the world. All shops selling books or toys for children are also closing. Police officers stationed on the streets strictly enforce the prohibitions on joy of any kind – and those who work on this prohibition are immediately arrested. As part of the rescue measures, it is necessary to prevent joy from people at all costs – and all media are ordered to broadcast horror plays only. A malicious industry is also developing that conducts competition between the various media channels For publishing the most shocking content – and then giving the winners of the competition a lot of praise, confusing them, making them finally smile – and thus leading to their deaths. The seemingly legal nature of this industry makes it very difficult for the authorities to fight this new crime field – and at the same time, many police units are being established to monitor companies suspected of the prohibited activity.

A chaotic social reality is created in which the whole world stands helpless in the face of the deadly system. Will humanity nevertheless find a way out of the crisis – or will that deadly facial recognition system lead to the extinction of all of humanity? Will there be anyone who can find the patent that will save people from the system and technology that they themselves developed?



Story number 7-the machine:

Somewhere a strange machine is invented, the only action of which is the serious injury of everyone who passes through it.  A group of mentally ill people finds the strange machine, enters it – and after they leave it with serious injuries (and no one understands why, since this small group of people are the only ones in the whole world who know about its existence) they manage with their last strength to seek help and are hospitalized for long months with a cast all over their bodies – when they tell the medical teams treating them that they have proactively injured themselves – but the existence of the machine is kept secret by them – and even after many conversations with them the medical teams did not  understand what caused their serious injuries. During their hospitalization, the medical staff treats the people with great dedication – and knowing that these are people with a mental disability who have injured themselves, are explaining them the need to avoid self-harm is repeatedly which is emphasized to them.

In the end, these group of people recover – and despite all the suffering they suffered, they return to the same machine, and again pass through it and are seriously injured – but this time they do not survive the serious injuries and pass away.  When the absence of the gang is felt in their place of residence, the police receive a report of it – and begin to search for them. After many months of searching, the police finally find the bodies of the people – and also notice the existence of the same strange machine that is taken for examination. The bizarre story is published – and then the strange operation of the deadly machine is discovered and it begins to be investigated in an attempt to understand who is responsible for its invention, with the intention of bringing them to justice.

However, the investigation finds itself at a dead end – and no one is able to answer the question of who invented the strange machine and why it was built at all. The question marks only intensify in light of the fact that no one profited from its activities – and it was not used for any purpose other than to injure those passing through it. Things remain a mystery. There are victims – but there are no culprits who can be brought to justice – and after no one can understand how this machine was built, why it was built and who is to blame for its construction decide to destroy it – and the mystery about it will remain unsolved forever and ever.


Story number 8-The Buildings:

As is well known, due to global warming, the stability of many residential buildings is undermined: the iron in the skeleton of the buildings expands, cracking the concrete – and what is tediously leading to the collapse of the entire structure. As a result of the considerable worsening of the situation, many residential buildings around the world are no longer habitable – and increasingly large populations are forced to come to terms with a significant decline in the standard of living – beyond living in mud houses or even caves – and since in some cases even these residential solutions are not possible and large populations are forced to lead their entire lives outdoors.

The world’s wealthy in this situation unite in a secret manner, and pay large sums of money to architectural firms so that they can invent alternative construction methods for them through which it will be possible to build houses that will last in the new conditions. Architects around the world eventually find suitable technology for those with capital and new technology, and the connections between architects’ offices and the wealthy are kept secret and this information is inaccessible to the growing populations for whom there are no longer places to live. An entire branch of the global economy has been created that is based on the construction of these special structures.

The general public notices that the wealthy have houses that last and do not collapse – but no one has an explanation for this phenomenon that seems very strange to many.  The suspicions of the general public, as well as the great curiosity that accompanies this mystery, cause the general public to investigate and try to understand why these rich people have such stable homes. Finally, the truth is revealed – which leads to great outrage and an unequivocal demand from those wealthy people that the technology that enables them to live in stable homes will from now on be accessible to the general public – and not only to them.

However, the wealthy, despite their repeated promises that these things will be done – in practice this does not happen, and the unique construction technology remains accessible only to this small group of the population – which causes public outrage to increase and the beginning of violent attempts to invade the special residential complexes. The wealthy, out of an interest in protecting themselves, are used with their money to mobilize a kind of private policing forces – after their appeals to the police or military forces in their countries are not answered because of the wishes of the police or soldiers,  The vast majority of them also have no place to live after their homes collapsed and are not answered. The soldiers in these kind of private armies win, in return for their actions, comfortable living in those special complexes of the wealthy, and these associations are intensifying and developing into real street battles around the world, with the local police and military forces at the right hand of the general public.

Surprisingly, however, the regular military and police forces are unable to defeat the private armies of the wealthy, and these “residential wars” remain inconclusive and claim tens of millions of victims.  The world’s wealthy are still unwilling to compromise – and despite the vast and terrible bloodbath, they hold full force and control of the construction technology that enables them to have a residential solution that has been stolen from hundreds of millions of people around the world.

Will we see in any of them any spark of humanity? Will any of the world’s wealthiest people be truly willing to release the unique construction technology to the entire public at reasonable prices – which could bring an end to the indecisive wars of attrition between their armies and the armies of the various countries of the world? Or is it that even in such an extreme reality the profit line – it and only it determines?



Story number 9 – Archeology from the future:

Is everyone present at the class? Very well. In the previous lessons, we talked at length about the excavations conducted in the area of the Kingdom of Jordan, which shed light and greatly expand our knowledge of what happened in the kingdom at the beginning of the 21st century and also in the middle of it. We also received important information about their culture, language, and the complex relations that prevailed between them and the neighboring Kingdom of Israel, both during the reign of Benjamin Netanyahu and in the years that followed. Those who are interested in expanding on the matter can read the instructive and insulting article by Professor Mashre’a To’akedo that, as you know, she has been teaching at our university for many years. I also recommend that you read the important book by the 23rd-century writer Shatoto Croetto called “The Civilization of the Ancient Internet in the Middle East” – in which there are important studies that deal with the 21st century period that we are teaching about.

As we mentioned, the robotic and computer revolution was in its infancy – and cars, trucks, airplanes and even a large part of the trains were used for their travel and moved by human drivers and not by the machines we know today in 2540. There is ample evidence that a variety of other activities such as cleaning houses and buildings, distributing parcels or mail as well as enforcing traffic rules were also done by humans and not machines. At the same time, there are conflicting testimonies regarding the role played by 3D printers – and it is not entirely clear to us why or under what circumstances they were invented and even the areas of life in which they were used are not clear to us.

We have evidence of traffic accidents – which were the lot of the population around the world during this period – and it should be remembered that the system that knows how to completely prevent them, which we now know as the “supervehicle intelligence system”, was invented only in the 1940s by the automotive engineers who invented the supercars in use to this day. I show you here photographs of the dire consequences of accidents in those days – and on the university’s website you can also find films that illustrate the ways in which they happened.

In the last part of our lecture, I will mention the excavations being conducted at the site in the south of Jerusalem – where we encountered some interesting findings. In very many parts of the excavation area we have encountered the inscriptions “Kiryat Menachem”, “Kiryat Moshe”, “Avivit Hostel”, “Beit Hakerem neighborhood” as well as the inscription “Agudat Yad Sarah”. Names of communities? Names of large organizations – perhaps like other large organizations such as the Likud party that we know from this period between 2010 and 2020? We currently have only speculations – but we have not yet been able to understand the true meaning of these inscriptions – which are written in completely different letters From the new digital Hebrew script in use to this day, and invented as early as 2080.

It should be noted that the meaning of some other inscriptions such as “Pride Parade”, “Central Elections Committee for the Knesset” and the inscription “The Palestinian People” are also not clear to us today – and we do not know yet what those concepts meant in those days of the beginning of the 21st century. In the meantime, we are continuing the excavations – an excavation site managed by the lecturer of archaeology, Shoteo Carotti, with whom you can consult or ask him questions.

So by the next lesson you will be able to review the materials that I have tried to arouse your curiosity – and we will meet in the lesson that will be held next week.





Subject: Protection from the consequences of the crisis

Dear Mr. and Mrs.

As you know, for a couple of days (I am writing these on June 3rd, 2022) there is a concern about a serious crisis breaking out in the field of nutrition security worldwide, this is because of a number of circumstances:

1) The war between Russia and Ukraine, which almost completely stopped the possibility of importation of wheat, grains, and corn from there, which is known to constitute around 30 to 40 percent of the available stock of these crops worldwide, and on the other hand, there is a huge potential of importing these products from China and India, which nowadays is far from being able to be executed, and this is very difficult to do for political reasons as well (countries that have been victims of the western empires in the history are now not willing to cooperate, seeing the western world as to blame for the crisis, and such is the situation, and it only has to pay the price for it. Of course, the attempts to explain to the rulers of these countries that the crisis is a international and that ultimately all the residents of the world will suffer from its consequences regardless of who is to blame–these explanations face deaf ears, and often historical anger and thought, followed by the desire to take revenge by the former colonial powers, which are much more important than the sincere concern of the ongoing and exacerbating global crisis which, in the end, will hurt them as well).

2) The return of the COVID crisis to China, whose ports are known to play a very significant role in the trade of very many raw materials in food industry in the world. In the wake of the return of the crisis and the strict lockdowns there, there is a significant damage for the possibility of maritime transport and trade which come from there, to function properly, which causes a reduction in the supply of many products.

3) As you know, in the recent months, there has been a significant increase in fuel prices worldwide, which increases the costs of transport and storage in cooling, and of course consequently increases the prices of products, including the basic needs of food in the world.

4) Unending and destructive consequences of the climate crisis: droughts, contraction of the areas suitable for processing or agricultural cultivation, total drainage regarding precipitation amounts: very large amounts of rain falling in short periods of time which cause vast floods and deluges, which, apart from doing damages to human life and property, harm agricultural areas as well. On the other hand, we go through very long periods of time, sometimes many years where there is no possibility to support many crops due to lack of precipitation and long periods of drought.

In addition, the trend of desertification and extreme heat waves cause a depletion of water sources, which, of course, poses a very serious threat to large populations, and also makes it very difficult for the sustenance of agriculture and food supply all over the world.

5) And an Israeli-specific reason: the traffic jams at the ports, both in the Port of Haifa and in the Port of Ashdod, which cause the importers in the State of Israel to be forced to absorb the excess cost that is caused by foreign shipping companies. As you know, this problem hasn’t been solved for a long time due to political reasons and unresolved problems in the field of labor relations in the State of Israel.


As you know, the results of this reality are increases in prices, the main sufferers of which are, as always, the weak classes who are in economic distress in the various countries.

As a disabled person who lives on an allowance and belongs to these categories, I would like to ask: Are there currently any political and/or public organizations, in the State of Israel or in other places in the world, whose goal is to try and mitigate the damage to these folks and help them survive? Is there any information at your disposal about this?


Asaf Benyamini,

Costa Rica St. No. 115,

Entrance A.- Apartment 4,

Kiryat Menachem,


Israel,Postal code: 9662592.

Phone numbers: Home-972-2-6427757.


Fax number-972-77-2700076.

MadamB. 1) My ID number: 029547403

2) My e-.Mails: 

[email protected]

And: [email protected]

And: [email protected]

And: [email protected]

And: [email protected]

And: [email protected]

And: [email protected]

And: [email protected]

3) I will note that I belong to a weakened population, and live on a disability allowance from the National Insurance Institute. Therefore I also belong to a population that is certainly likely to be hurtby such a crisis in the most severe and hard way.

4) My website: /

And I have an additional question: Are there currently scientific and/or technological research fields that have the potential to lead solutions like this or other solutions? And if yes, to what extent are they promoted and receiving research and development budgets from the governments of the world?

6) Below are a number of links to articles (in Hebrew) that have recently been published in the Israeli press on the subject:

7) I will note that I am a Hebrew-speaking person, and my knowledge of foreign languages is very limited. Except for medium to low level English and very low level French I have no further knowledge in this field.

I was helped by a professional translation company to write this document.




Subject: Journalist advice .

DearMr. andMrs.

In 2007, I joined the stuggle of the diseased in the State of Israel, and since July 10th, 2018, I have been doing this in the framework of the movement “We Will Overcome,” which I joined. In the movement “We Will Overcome,” we try to promote the rights of the “transparent disabled”–people like me who suffer from severe disabilities and health problems that are not conspicuously visible on the outside, which also causes discrimination against other disabled people.

I will note that the successes in promoting the struggle have been extremely limited, and even nowadays (I am writing these words on Thursday, June 16, 2022), various authorities in the State of Israel do not cooperate with us, and do nothing but turn us back and forth in a second.

After many attempts to contact the Israeli media and the articles published in it (some of which also included the writer of this letter) did not help, I thought of trying another course of action: contacting the foreign media outside the State of Israel, in an attempt to find journalists from different places in the world, who will show interest in the subject.

Therefore I would like to ask you: Do you have any ideas as to how to do this?


Asaf Benyamini,

Costa Rica St. No. 115,

Entrance A.- Apartment 4,

Kiryat Menahem,


Israel, Zip code: 9662592.

Phone numbers: Home: 9722-6427757.


Fax: 972-77-2700076

Mrs.b. 1) The director of the movement “We Will Overcome,” who is also its founder, is Mrs. Tatyana Kaduchkin, and her phone number is:


You can contact her by phone from Sunday to Thursday between the hours 11 AM and 8 PM Israel time – except for Jewish holidays and other Israel-specific dates.

Website of the movement:

2) Below are some explanatory words about our movement, as they appeared in the press:

Tatyana Kaduchkin, an ordinary citizen, decided to establish the movement “We Will Overcome” with the help of what she calls the “transparent disabled.” So far, around 500 people from all over the country have participated in her movement. In an interview with Channel 7 , she talks about the project and those disabled people who do not receive proper and sufficient assistance from the relevant authorities, just because they are transparent.

In her words, the disabled population can be divided into two groups: the disabled with wheelchairs and the disabled without wheelchairs. She defines the second group as the “transparent disabled,” because in her words, they do not receive the same services as the disabled with a wheelchair, although they are defined as having 75-100 percent disability.

These people, she explains, cannot make a living on their own, and they need the extra services to which the disabled with wheelchairs are entitled. For example, the transparent disabled receive a low disability allowance from social security, they do not receive certain supplements such as special services allowance, escort allowance, mobility allowance, and they also receive a lower allowance from the Ministry of Housing.

According to the research conducted by Kaduchkin, these transparent disabled people are hungry for bread, despite the attempt to claim that there were no people hungry for bread in Israel in 2016. The research she conducted also states that the suicide rates among them are high. In the movement she founded, she works for the inclusion of the transparent disabled in the waiting lists for public housing. This is because, she says, they do not usually enter these lists, although they are supposed to be eligible. She holds quite a few meetings with the members of the Knesset and even participates in sessions and discussions of relevant committees in the Knesset, but she says that those who are able to help do not listen and the listeners are in opposition and therefore cannot help.

She is now calling more and more “transparent” disabled people to join her, to turn to her so that she can help them. According to her estimation, if the situation continues as it is today, there won’t be any escape from a demonstration of the disabled who will claim their rights and the basic conditions for their livelihood.

3) My website:


4) My ID No: 029547403.

5) My e-mail adresses: or: [email protected] or: [email protected] or: [email protected]

or: [email protected] or: [email protected] or: [email protected] or: [email protected]


6) Below are some links, through which you can find more information about me and about the struggle of the disabled which I am a part of:



לחיות מ-1,000 שקל בחודש: “אני מגיע למצב של סחרחורות מרוב רעב”

לחיות מ-1,000 שקל בחודש: “אני מגיע למצב של סחרחורות מרוב רעב”
הילה ויסברג
אסף בנימיני, פגוע נפש בן 39, לא יכול להרשות לעצמו לחמם את הבית בחורף ולקנות תרופות חיוניות – ואפילו כסף לדי אוכל…

לחיות מ-1,000 שקל בחודש: “אני מגיע למצב של סחרחורות מרוב רעב”

הילה ויסברג

אסף בנימיני, פגוע נפש בן 39, לא יכול להרשות לעצמו לחמם את הבית בחורף ולקנות תרופות חיוניות – ואפילו כסף לדי אוכל…



7) I will note that I am a Hebrew speaker, and my knowledge of other languages is highly limited. Except for a medium to a low level of English and a very low level of French, I have no further knowledge in this domain.

I made use of the help of a professional translation company to write this letter.

8)I attach here a file with some more details.

קובץ הוספה



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