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Question about job placement.


Subject: Question about job placement.

Dear Madames/ Sirs.

I am 49 years old man live in a rented apartment in the Kiryat Menachem neighborhood of Jerusalem, and I am a person with a slight physical disability. My question to you is: Is there a program in your organization that aims to enable people with disabilities to integrate into work within the framework of the place? And if you do have such a plan – how to apply, and what should I do to do so?

best regards,

assaf benyamini,

115/4 costa rica street,

qiriat menahem neighborhood,


ISRAEL, zip: 9662592.

My phone numbers: at







Resume-Assaf Binyamini:

Personal details: Assaf Binyamini, ID no. 029547403.

Date of birth: 11.11.1972.

Address: 115 Costa Rica Street, Kiryat Menachem, Jerusalem.

Phone numbers: At-972-2-6427757.



Education: 10 years of study and partial matriculation.

Military service: Exemption for medical reasons.

Work experience:

1991-Work at R.S.T. Carpentry (South Tel Aviv)

1998-2005-Work at the National Library, assisting the professional staff of librarians in a wide variety of tasks.

2009-2010-Work in the “Avgad” chain for jewelry-in sorting goods.

February-May 2019-Work at the computer company HMSOFT


Active in the struggle headquarters of the disabled.

Volunteering at the Jerusalem Municipality’s Center for the Exercise of Rights with assistance to the needy population.

General information: Highly motivated, high ability to formulate orally and in writing, ability to improvise and solve problems.

Has many years of acquaintance with civil society organizations.

Suffers from a physical disability that prevents me from lifting heavy loads and standing for a long time on my feet.

4) The following is a link to the youtube channel in Hebrew that I opened on April 28, 2020, where I occasionally upload content related to the disabled and mentally handicapped in the State of Israel:

5) On july 10, 2018, I joined a social movement called “Overcome” – a movement in which we try to promote the status, quality of life and rights of the “transparent disabled”. These disabled people suffer from medical problems and severe disabilities — but suffer from severe discrimination and widespread denial of rights due to the fact that their disability or illness is not conspicuously visible on the outside. The founder of the movement, and the one who runs it today is Mrs. Tatiana Kaduchkin, and her phone number is:

972-52-3708001. Her telephone answering service is Sunday to Thursday between the hours

11: 00-20: 00 – and this except for Jewish holidays and various Israeli holidays.

Below is a link to our movement’s website: 






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