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Renting apartments for the disabled in Israel

Renting apartments for the disabled in the State of Israel: challenges and opportunities

What is being disabled? This is a question that raises many question marks, and it is not always possible to give a simple answer. A disabled person can be a person with a physical, emotional or spiritual disability, and in any case, his life should be integrated into the wider society. One of the basic rights of every person is the right to nice housing that suits their needs. This is a basic right that no disabled person can give up, which is why unique challenges arise for us in the matter of renting apartments in the State of Israel.

Renting apartments is a difficult problem in the State of Israel, even when a person is not disabled. The high prices, the geographical limitations, and the intense competition between colonies and cities lead tens of thousands of people to look for suitable solutions for the various trends in the market, and search for suitable residences.

Recently, local authorities are trying to find housing solutions for people with disabilities, but the reality shows that there is still a lot of work ahead. The disabled encounter unique difficulties in finding apartments suitable for their needs. Authorities and companies should develop an effective and supportive policy for the disabled in order to help them find a suitable housing solution.

One of the main problems in the housing market in Israel is the lack of accessible apartments for the disabled and housing options close to where the disabled person lives. As a result, the choice of disabled people when it comes to a place of residence is almost always unreasonable and does not meet basic life needs and may make disabled people feel isolated and not committed to the society in which they live. The relatives of the disabled, who try to assist them in reaching a suitable place of residence, encounter many bureaucratic difficulties. Also, many landlords take advantage of the situation and charge higher rents from disabled people who may have great difficulty asserting their rights.

During the last few years, stable solutions for the disabled regarding renting apartments have started to develop. For example, local authorities in Israel have begun to develop programs aimed at enabling the disabled to rent apartments at subsidized prices adapted to their financial capabilities. Also, private companies work with local authorities and public institutions to offer suitable housing options for the disabled and their families.

One of the most successful examples of this solution is the “Carmel Fund” in the city of Haifa. The fund helps finance and buy apartments for the disabled and helps them find suitable and accessible housing in the city. The success of such projects contributes to a significant improvement in the quality of life of the disabled and gives them the opportunity to integrate into society as every person deserves.

However, there are still many challenges that must be faced in the matter of renting apartments for the disabled in the State of Israel. The constant need to adapt the apartments to the physical and emotional needs of the tenants, as well as the funding required for such projects are a challenge that costs a lot of money. Also, the awareness of the issue and the continued improvement over time have led to an increase in requests to buy accessible apartments, which can cause a feeling of frustration and bureaucratic complications that are very difficult to deal with.

In conclusion, renting apartments for the disabled in the State of Israel is an important and sensitive matter that requires attention from local authorities, the government, and private companies. The steps taken for the benefit of the disabled vary from city to city and from place to place, and they must face some significant challenges in order to succeed in this task. The effort to find solutions for renting apartments for the disabled in the State of Israel requires perseverance, creative thinking, and partnership between the government and the public, in order to ensure that the disabled receive the right to live a life of value, in a home suitable for their needs.


A. Here is an idea for the system I was thinking of:

Establishing a website, or a system that will serve as a sort of “archive” for details of neglected or abandoned projects. That is: all those cases in which one person, or a group of people started a certain project and due to such and other reasons it was not possible to complete it or continue it.


Anyone interested in helping to set up the system can contact me, assaf benyamini, via:

1) My phone number: 972-58-6784040.

2) My website:

B. Below is the message I sent on Sunday, August 20, 2023 to Facebook’s technical support:

Why (again) can’t I send messages using Messenger software? Why was I blocked again?

I will point out (again) that on my Facebook account I do not write curses, hate speech, threats, defamation or hate speech or slurs of any kind that can really justify a sanction of this kind.

So I will ask that you allow me to send and receive messages using Messenger software.

Asaf Benjamin.

post Scriptum. 1) My phone number: 972-58-6784040.

2) Link to my Facebook profile:

C. Below is the post I published in the Facebook group “do end to harassment of Facebook“:


Facebook suddenly does not allow me to send messages through messenger software – just like that and for no reason.

Except for the message about the blocking itself, Facebook does not explain anything.

Has anyone ever encountered something like this?

I am attaching a screenshot of the problem here (the caption in this screenshot is in Hebrew).

assaf benyamin.

D. Below is an e-mail message, sent in my affairs to the Hebrew University’s “Clinical Legal Initiation Center” + their response to the inquiry:


File number 64226/23 – Benyamini Asaf [reference 66540639]


Siyua Mishpati< [email protected] >


 [email protected]


 [email protected]

  Sunday, August 20 at 13:02

 Hello Michal,

 I am forwarding to you a request we received from Mr Assaf Binyamini, the addressee of this email. The attached documents are forwarded with his permission.


Assaf contacted us for legal assistance in order to get basic help through an application/petition regarding public housing. From what Assaf told me, it appears that he applied many times to the Ministry of Housing in order to increase his eligibility for rent assistance and in order to be recognized as eligible for public housing, but each time he was answered in the negative. According to him, the main reason for this is that he is single with no children, a fact that discriminates against him compared to other applicants to the Ministry of Housing, even though he is in a medical and personal condition that justifies receiving assistance.

Unfortunately, due to a financial deposit to the applicant’s credit, he does not meet the economic threshold conditions established by law to receive legal representation on behalf of legal aid at the Ministry of Justice, and therefore we could not accept Assaf’s application and examine it in depth.

However, I would greatly appreciate your checking whether you can give him assistance within the framework of the Center for Clinical Legal Education at the Hebrew University.

With thanks, Adv. Liron Keshet Legal Aid Jerusalem [email protected] As part of the service provided to you at the Ministry of Justice, we invite you to enter the Every Right website at:

Sunday, August 20 at 4:40 p.m

Hello Liron and Hello Assaf,


I will check whether the case is suitable as a matter of principle for the clinic, even though it is an issue that is not easy to attack.

I need a little time to study the case and return an answer, and in any case, if the matter is suitable for our treatment, the clinic will not be able to start handling the case before the beginning of the semester (end of October).


Best regards,


Lawyer Michal Goren

The clinic for international human rights

The clinic for representing populations in the periphery, the center for clinical legal education
Faculty of Law, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel. Phone: 972-2-5882569. Fax: 972-2-5882544.
[email protected]


View original message

E. Below is the email I sent to the office of the Deputy Minister of Finance in Israel, Michal Waldiger:


My letter to the office of the Deputy Minister of Finance Michal Woldiger.


Asaf Benjamin< [email protected]>


 [email protected]

Saturday, August 19 at 20:07

To: Office of the Deputy Minister of Finance Michal Waldiger.


Subject: permanent housing solutions.

Dear Madames, Sirs.

Me, Assaf Binyamini, 50 years old, live in a rented apartment in the Kiryat Menachem neighborhood in Jerusalem. I live on a disability allowance from the National Insurance Institute. Also, I receive about NIS 770 per month as assistance for paying rent from the Ministry of Construction and Housing, through the M.G.R. that despite many requests, the rent assistance amount has not been updated for many years – and this route cannot currently be an adequate housing solution for the disabled public. What’s more: when it comes to a housing solution for a disabled person, there are sometimes additional expenses due to the need for various accessibility adjustments. My question to you is: does the current government have any plans aimed at enabling the disabled to reach permanent housing solutions? 

Best regards, 

assaf benyamini, 

115 Costa Rica St.,

entrance A-apartment 4,
Kiryat Menachem, 


ISRAEL, zip code: 9662592. 

Phone numbers: in a secret home due to harassment and a complaint to the Israeli police that was not handled.

Mobile-972-58-6784040. Fax-972-77-2700076.

post Scriptum. 1) Below is my correspondence with the Housing Assistance Manager of the Ministry of Construction and Housing: You sent an email to an unchecked box – message number: 0005204

[email protected]

Wednesday, August 16 at 9:20

Hello, you have sent an email to a box that has not been checked. You can open a call on the online form of the Ministry of Construction and Housing: [email protected]

Sincerely, the Ministry of Construction and Housing

On Wednesday, August 16, 2023 at 08:36:54GMT+3, public inquiries housing assistance manager<[email protected]> Written by:

assaf Shalom, thank you for receiving your request and I am honored to answer you. I did not understand your request, on 07/05/2023 we responded to your request regarding your request to receive an apartment, according to which you may consider applying for a public apartment, and this through the Magaarr company. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. Best regards

Adena Avera ​​Public Inquiries Center 


Housing Assistance Administration 


2) My ID number: 029547403.

3) Below is an explanation of the medical service I am looking for:

I am a 50-year-old man from the Jerusalem area, who suffers from various physical and mental illnesses. In recent years, there has been a significant worsening of my condition, which makes it increasingly difficult to physically get to clinics for examination or medical treatment, if and when there is a need for it. Apart from that, the deteriorating state of public medicine also makes it more and more difficult for me to find medical assistants, if and when I need it. Therefore I am trying to find a solution to this situation – in which, due to the decline in my health, physically going to clinics for examination or treatment is increasingly difficult for me – if and when it is necessary.

4) The therapeutic setting I am in: 

“Reut” association – “Avivit” Hostel, 

6 Ha-Avivit Street,

Kiryat Menachem, 


ISRAEL, zip code: 9650816. 

Phone numbers in the hostel offices: 972-2-6432551. or: 972-2-6428351. 

The social-worker from the hostel team, who does housework in my apartment: Mrs. Sara Stora-972-55-6693370.

5) On July 10, 2018, I joined the movement “Nitgaber” – transparent disabled people. In the movement we try to act on behalf of the transparent disabled, that is: people like me who suffer from serious health problems that are not visibly visible on the outside, and as a result are discriminated against in relation to other disabled people as well.

The director of the movement, who is also its founder, is Mrs. Tatiana Kaduchkin, and her phone numbers are:

972-52-3708001. Or: 972-3-5346644.

Our website:

F. Below are posts I shared on the social network Facebook:

1) The Knesset recently enacted the “Basic Torah Study Law”.

When I write here I am dealing with Facebook Torah – also a type of Torah.

I am therefore considering retraining – and submitting a request to be recognized as a Torah scholar.

I hope you get a good salary in this job.



2),Tali Ohaionis withLea Koenig Stolper.

15in august B-13:19


The film – Leah Koenig’s loves – her total love for her late husband Zvi Stolper for a jubilee of years until his death, and for another 25 years to this day, as well as her total love for theater.

The film describes Lea’s meeting and acceptance, between her real world and the fictional world, which she experienced on stage.

Israel Prize Bride, the first lady of the Israeli theater!!!

Starting in September, the film will be broadcast on the History Channel {Yes and Hot}.

Premiere 09/23/2023 21:50 Saturday Additional broadcasts:

09/24/2023 03:04 Sunday

09/27/2023 18:45 Wednesday

09/30/2023 12:25 Saturday

An article published before the screening of the film at the 2013 Epic Art Film Festival at the Tel Aviv Museum…


3)Shushi Burger support disabled people

2in august B-17:50


Are you afraid to go to public places because of the parking problem?

“I’m not afraid, but I’m under stress. I’ve given up a few times to people who parked in disabled parking. I don’t like to give up and I don’t like to go home if I have a choice, but I don’t have the strength to deal with it and explain all the time. I want to be a simple person who goes out for fun, puts the car his in the parking lot and goes about his business. Sometimes I’m so overwhelmed that I can’t deal with it. In most cases I call the police or city inspectors who have to enforce the law. So I don’t give up, but there are thousands who can’t complain. Many times it gives me strength, to be the voice For others, though, it’s not easy. Handicapped parking isn’t because you want fancy parking or different treatment, it’s because you really need it. If I don’t have a parking space that fits my lift I can’t get out of the car. I can’t jump out, that’s the only option that I have”.

The huge increase in the number of disability certificates leaves the real disabled at home

The parking tags for the disabled are intended to help those who have difficulty getting around, but when they are distributed without consideration – those who really need them are left without a solution. People with disabilities talk about the tension that accompanies them every time they leave the house regarding the issue of parking, and wish for a change in legislation and enforcement

source First| Yishai Almakais

The article in the first comment >>

Link to the article –

4)Asaf Benjamin

15in august B-14:28


Shared with public

One man walks the road alone, looking for people he can ask if he should turn left or right in order to reach the village he is trying to reach.

In the area where the man is walking there are two other villages: one village of truth tellers – people who always speak only the truth, and another village of liars – people who always lie.

The man randomly meets a person, whom he wants to ask if he should turn right or left on his way. It is not known whether the person whom the man meets on his way belongs to the village of truth tellers or the village of liars.

So what can the man in front of us ask the person he meets at random, in order to know whether he should turn left or right on his way?

Well, he should ask the man what he thinks the people of the other village (not the village where he lives) will answer the question – the answer you get will always be the wrong answer…


5)Asaf Benjamin

14in august B- 23:31


Shared with public 

A person feels severe toothache and goes to the dentist’s clinic.

The dentist at the clinic assures him: don’t worry – I’ll help you forget about your toothache.

The patient sits on the treatment chair in the clinic:

The dentist starts shaving the patient’s head.

The patient shouts to the doctor: “What are you doing? I came for dental treatments – not to the hairdresser.”

The doctor answers the patient: “Please be patient. We are in the middle of the treatment. Don’t worry – at the end of the treatment you will be able to forget about your toothache – as I promised.”

The doctor finishes shaving the patient’s head – and begins to drip boiling oil on the patient’s head.

The patient shouts: “My head hurts!!! What are you doing – do you want to kill me?”.

The doctor concludes: No. I’m not trying to kill you – just help you forget about the toothache. I promised – and I kept it. Now you can go home.”



Asaf Benjamin

14in august B-18:12


Shared with public


We, the New Climate Party of Israel, wish to settle once and for all the issue of temperatures, weather and rainfall in Israel.

We promise:

1. There will be no more long days of Shrev. They will not receive a license from us and their appearance will not be possible.

2. We will ensure an amount of rainfall that will cover all the needs of the Israeli economy.

3. We will also not confirm the occurrence of floods in the country.

4. Flood operators were outlawed.

5. Also, many perpetrators were also outlawed.

6. Those who violate Sections 4 and 5 will be sent to prison facilities that will be set up especially for this purpose, where the temperature will be 45 degrees all year round – you have been warned!!

So we will ask you to get on the roofs of the buildings and houses and vote in the sky to choose us!!

7)14in august B-17:59


Shared with public

To: the elected government, the Knesset and all government institutions in our kingdom.

We, the citizens of Israel wish to strongly protest the severe heat wave. We are willing to accept 25 degrees, maybe even 30 degrees, and in certain circumstances even compromise on 32 degrees – but 40 degrees for a whole week? Don’t you think you overdid it??

So we will ask you to take the necessary actions to adjust the required temperatures!! Where are our excellent security services – why can’t they take care of slightly more normal temperatures?

Climate security is part of the job requirements!!

You failed the mission – go home!!


8)Asaf Benjamin

14in august B-17:15


Shared with public


Many clinics in the field of psychological treatment receive a license to perform “Mahadrin treatments”:

Male psychologists will only treat men, and female psychologists will only treat female clients.

Also, on the days and hours designated for the treatment of women, men will not be allowed to enter the clinics, and on the days and hours designated for the treatment of men, women will not be allowed to enter the clinics. equal separation.

The women’s organizations express great satisfaction: “How beautiful. We have here a great subject for legal proceedings and a public campaign.”

“We will have a crazy media buzz here – whole days in which the radio and television channels in the State of Israel will talk only about our topic. What fun we are having!!”.



9)Asaf Benjamin

14in august B-11:52


Shared with public


In recent days there has been severe and unbearable heat in the State of Israel – just yesterday it was over 40 degrees Celsius in Jerusalem.

But when people use different means to protect themselves from the heat, such as air conditioners, they make the problem worse – and when the problem gets worse, there will be a need for even more improved or powerful air conditioners, which in turn will further worsen the damage to the environment – and thus a destructive vicious circle is created that may cause the extinction of humans from the earth .

I don’t have an air conditioner at home – only a fan.

And in short: I will sacrifice myself for the sake of the environment.

I am also at home a lot and hardly ever go out – and thus I reduce to some extent the air pollution caused by the activity of the vehicle’s engines.

I have heard, for example, that there are airlines around the world that have come to the conclusion that overweight customers will load more on the plane and cause increased fuel consumption. This is how a strange practice developed in various parts of the world, which requires airplane passengers to weigh themselves before boarding the flight – and the heavier the passenger, the higher the price of the plane ticket, and vice versa: thin passengers will pay much less.

So you should go on a diet before getting on the flights…



10)Asaf Benjamin

9 in august B-4:44 p.m

Shared with public


A patient in a psychiatric ward wakes up in the morning and tells the treating staff: “I dreamed that I was killing all the psychiatrists in the world.”

The staff members are amazed: “What did you dream??? Who gave you a license to dream such a thing?? Insolence!!!”

The patient adds and says: “But I see that all the doctors are still alive. Have you thought of doing something about it?”.

The care team replies: “Soon you will see what we are doing about it.”

An alarm goes off in the ward, staff members forcefully pin the patient to the bed, and say to each other: “Now we’ll give him some good shot – he’ll never get up again. Did he dream that he was killing psychiatrists? We’ll see what he’ll dream now – in the real world.”


11)Yoram Adri

18in august B-17:51


Shlomo Filber drops a bombshell and reveals a dramatic figure!!

“For more than a decade, Israel has been selling to many countries that are not rich enough or not threatened enough “air force replacement” – accurate surface-to-surface missiles at ranges of tens and hundreds of kilometers, to hit infrastructure and targets in the enemy’s rear.

And only the cobbler goes barefoot, Israel itself hardly uses this alternative and launches fighter jets instead. Apparently no one wanted to mess with the powerful lobby of the Air Force.

Now the pilots are forcing the decision makers to examine an alternative to at least some of the missions they were previously sent to.”

Following the offensive things from the delusional left, they were not late in arriving.

Filber continued and answered those delusional ones:

“I see that all the Ralbim and Kaplan Kaplan were sent to respond to the tweet according to the message page – “Now are you an expert in this too?”

So a moment before you release all your slime on the keyboard – the things were written on a friendly basis in the board of directors of IAS which manufactures and sells such missiles all over the world.

Yes, I know the subject well.

Start vomiting your slime.”

And to this I say: kudos to Mr. Filber who speaks only facts, unlike the delusional left-wing poisoners who throw out empty slogans.

Give him a likeHuge!!!

Click next:





,Rotem Peer ‏feels positive.



On 9/19, the Psychiatric Association is holding a Rosh Hashanah meal for 60 amazing mental health candidates, and I still haven’t found a business that will donate something to each of them.

Come help me provide them with some happiness in all the complexity of life.

In the last two years, the NPS association held 17 social events and I and the volunteers made thousands of people happy with 0 budgets from the state.

I would really appreciate your help in donating or tagging business owners


13) Yariv Fisher

13in august B-12:51


The great failure of the Nof Yam IAS complex is registered in Padlon’s name!

Countless barrels of nitroglycerin and explosives are buried under the abandoned area of ​​the Nof Yam industrial plant and the severe consequences of the danger are evident on the ground – a fire that spread over dozens of dunams and reached up to 300 meters from the residences of the residents of Nof Yam.

What else needs to happen for Padalon to wake up?!

Instead of running to the government offices and doing the really important work, Padlon prefers to cry to the media, and remove any real practical responsibility, which will keep the residents of Herzliya safe.

Join me and support me in the race for mayor of Herzliya,

Because it’s time to wake up.

We only have one Herzliya!


14)Asaf Benjamin

August 20 at 0:41 ·

Shared with public

Facebook decided not to allow me to send or receive messages through Messenger software – just like that and for no reason.

Therefore, until further notice, I am unable to send private messages but only openly.

It is not known how long this notice will last.

Except for the message about the blocking itself, Facebook does not explain anything.

Asaf Benjamin.

This morning (Sunday, August 27, 2023) the messenger is back working properly.

Facebook of course does not announce anything – you have to “guess” how long the problem will last.

I believe that this is not appropriate conduct – it is appropriate for Facebook to explain the justification for the blocking, and if the surfer does deserve to be “punished” and blocked, then it is appropriate for Facebook to explain the reason for this and how long the blocking will last.

And of course nothing will happen if Facebook deviates from its policy and also starts responding to its customers’ inquiries.



“International Days” website – a website that gathers information about the international days that are celebrated throughout the year: “International Mother Language Day”, International Women’s Day”, “International Coffee Day” etc.


16) A decision is made to establish an “international environmental court” in which people, companies or organizations and also heads of state who have harmed the quality of the environment in the past will be prosecuted: factories that have discharged toxic effluents into rivers, seas or streams, a person who cut down a tree without any justifiable reason, people who have hunted Living illegally, failure to quickly deal with cases of oil spills or poor maintenance of the facilities where oil or nuclear weapons are stored, etc.

The court used Google’s monitoring systems to locate potential criminals around the world and bring them to justice.

How many Israelis would stand trial before such a court?

In any case, the defendants found guilty of the law will be sent to a network of ecological prisons that will be established especially for this purpose.

How will an ecological prison look or be run? Does anyone have an idea?


17) As you know, after Giorgia Meloni was elected Prime Minister of Italy nearly a year ago, she passed a law according to which official documents of the government offices in Italy must be used only in Italian (apparently until recently they used more and more English and not Italian).

I heard that according to this law that was passed in Italy, anyone who violates it is fined 100,000 euros.

Will they pass a similar law in Israel regarding Hebrew?

And if so, what will be the sections of the law, and what will be the amount of the fine that will be imposed on those who use a foreign language in government ministry documents? And what will the new immigrants do who still do not know Hebrew, or other groups in the population such as the foreign workers with whom many people also do not know Hebrew? Or will they decide, as in many other cases in Israel, to behave rapaciously and inconsiderately and thus cause many violent incidents with the populations that simply cannot use Hebrew?

I would not be surprised if the State of Israel chose such a course of conduct – as we know, the rapacity and lack of consideration characterizes the handling of government ministries in many areas…

18) New regulations are introduced that prohibit demonstrations in front of the homes of elected officials (Members of Knesset, Ministers and the Prime Minister).

Therefore, it was decided that when walking around the residence of an elected official:

1. Do not shout.

2. talking is forbidden.

3. No whistling.

4. It is forbidden to use any sound amplifiers – speakers, sirens, etc.

5. No waving signs.

6. It is forbidden to mutter any words of protest.

7. The Israel Police will closely monitor the lip movements of passers-by in these places. Those with abnormal lip movements will be removed from the place immediately.

Oh, and how did we forget: it’s actually not allowed to breathe when passing by.

Breathing causes air movement – which greatly interferes with the sacred work of elected officials and their ability to make a correct set of considerations for the sake of the homeland!!



19)The director of the blood bank in Israel goes crazy, and decides on new criteria for performing blood tests in Israel:

Separate tests for those with red blood and those with blue blood.

The population as a whole will be defined as people with red blood, and will be entitled to a basic blood test only and without more in-depth tests that are intended to test the level of a certain substance in the blood, a test to detect a certain disease, etc.

As part of the new regulations, it was decided that:

1. Those with red blood, as defined in the law, will have the option of continuing to be examined in the current medical facilities – health insurance clinics and public hospitals.

2. Medical centers will be established for those with blue blood, and public transportation of any kind, buses and taxis will not be allowed to reach these places. Owners of public transportation vehicles who choose to go to these places despite the ban will be sent for the rest of their lives to a network of prisons that will be established specifically for this purpose and will be defined as having the inability to test, that is: they will not be able to undergo any blood tests from now on forever.

3. At the entrance to the facilities intended for those with blue blood, strict checks will be conducted that will allow entry there only to those with a relevant permit. Checking anyone who wants to enter these facilities will last one hour, 32 minutes, 21 seconds and 541 milliseconds. Guards at these medical facilities who exceed this inspection time will also be sent to the prison facilities mentioned in section 2.

4. A blue blood certificate will only be given to senior politicians (prime minister, ministers and Knesset members) or to senior managers whose salary is NIS 200,000 or more per month.

5. An orderly list of those with blue blood will be published from time to time in the media.

6. Demonstrations in front of the homes of the blue-blooded will be completely prohibited, and anyone who demonstrates in front of them will be subject to the death penalty.

Well, then I am a simple citizen who does not hold any senior position, and I earn much less than NIS 200,000 per month. More precisely: there is a disability allowance from the National Insurance Institute in the amount of NIS 3591 per month.

So I probably won’t be able to be tested in medical tests that will be accessible only to those with blue blood.

I will try to take this into account and not cause abnormal values ​​in my blood…



20)knowledge latest Yedioth Ahronoth

8in September2022


It’s time for you to admit: you failed.

Manar Hajaj and her 14-year-old daughter Hadera were shot and killed under their apartment building while they were unloading their car from shopping at the supermarket. Miriam, Hadera’s twin sister, saw her mother and sister being shot at point blank range and ran away while the assassin shot her in the leg.

Another girl who lost her entire family in one moment, who will have to carry the image of her sister and mother bleeding to death before her eyes for the rest of her life. Miriam did not get to accompany her mother and twin sister to the burial yesterday. She was not given the opportunity to say goodbye to them, eulogize them, weep for their grave.

The police and the Ministry of Internal Security claim that efforts are being made to eradicate crime in Arab society. But after the bloody weeks that were here – criminals who are sent to eliminate a mother and her two daughters, a journalist who is murdered because of his work, a mother who is shot at point blank range while she is holding her baby daughter – it is clear that the citizens are being careless.

It happened on your shift. Look with your eyes at the trail of shattered families that remain silent in the face of loss, look at all those who live in fear and dread, and admit that you failed to maintain safety on our streets

Photo: Tal Shahar Hadar Gil-ad For the full column


21) active

Asaf Benjamin professional WordPress-WooCommerce,Elementor,Crocoblock and more



To: “professional WordPress-WooCommerce,Elementor,Crocoblock and more“.

Subject: Descriptivemeta on the WordPress site.

Dear Madames/ Sirs..

I own the site built on

It is a multilingual site in 67 languages: Uzbek, Ukrainian, Urdu, Azeri, Italian, Indonesian, Icelandic, Albanian, Amharic, English, Estonian, Armenian, Bulgarian, Bosnian, Burmese, Belarusian, Bengali, Basque, Georgian, German, Danish , Dutch, Hungarian, Hindi, Vietnamese, Tajik, Turkish, Turkmen, Telugu, Tamil, Greek, Yiddish, Japanese, Latvian, Lithuanian, Mongolian, Malay, Maltese, Macedonian, Norwegian, Nepali, Swahili, Sinhalese, Chinese, Slovenian , Slovak, Spanish, Serbian, Hebrew, Arabic, Pashto, Polish, Portuguese, Filipino, Finnish, Persian, Czech, French, Korean, Kazakh, Catalan, Kyrgyz, Croatian, Romanian, Russian, Swedish and Thai.

My site has a plugin installedyoast – and as you know, using this plugin you can write a meta description for each blog post.

I’m looking for a way to make the description of themeta will be automatically adapted to the language in which the post is written, for example:

1. description of the meta will be:

בלוג שעוסק בנושאים הקשורים לנכות, ציבור הנכים ומאבק הנכים בישראל

When the post is in Hebrew

2. description of themeta will be:

A blog that deals with issues related to disability, the disabled community and the struggle of the disabled in Israel

When the post is in English

3. description of themeta will be:

ආබාධිත ප්‍රජාව, ආබාධිත ප්‍රජාව සහ ඊශ්‍රායලයේ ආබාධිතයන්ගේ අරගලය සම්බන්ධ ගැටළු සමඟ කටයුතු කරන බ්ලොග් අඩවියකි


When the post is in Sinhalese

(I don’t know Sinhalese – I used Google Translate to write the description)


How to adjust the description language of themeta automatically to the language of the post?

I will mention that I use supplementspolylang and: loco translate for the purpose of defining the multilingual site where I write.

Best regards,

assaf benyamin,

115 Costa Rica Street,

Entrance A-flat 4,

Kiryat Menachem,


ISRAEL, zip code: 9662592.

Phone numbers: in a secret home due to harassment and a complaint to the Israeli police that was not handled.

Mobile-972-58-6784040. Fax-972-77-2700076.

post Scriptum. 1. My ID number: 029547403.

2. Link to my website:

3. My e-mail addresses: [email protected] or: [email protected] or: [email protected] or: [email protected] or: [email protected] or: [email protected]  or: assaffff@protonmail .com


22) Below is the message I wrote on the Facebook page of Network Shufersal Today, Thursday, September 7, 2023:

I’m still waiting for the shipment – and when I call you at 972-1-800-56-56-56 to find out what’s going on with the shipment, no one answers the phone!! and also in whatsapp you don’t answer On the website you write that the delivery will arrive at 11:19 p.m. – that is: after 11 at night!!! 4 hours late – with regular delivery within the city – just rude!!! What the hell is your problem with sticking to what is agreed with you?? Just fed up!!! Asaf Benjamin.


Asaf Benjamin

Hello Shufersal: I’m still waiting for the delivery!! To remind you – you were supposed to arrive already at 19:00 – already more than 3 hours late!!! I have other things to do in life besides waiting for you!!! At 21:33 I received a phone call from your representative – a phone call from the number 972-3-9481077 – and in the conversation with her I was told that you would arrive in the next hour!! So why don’t you come?? Why??? Just fed up!!! 

assaf benyamini.

. post Scriptum. To remind you, my phone number is: 972-58-6784040. And the order number is: 07974044.

G. Below is the message I sent on Thursday, August 24, 2023 to Facebook’s technical support: 

In my facebook account I can’t send messages using messenger software.

I would like to point out that on my Facebook account I do not write curses, hate speech, threats, slanders or words of hatred or slander of any kind that can really justify a sanction of this kind.

So I am again asking that you allow me to send messages using Messenger software.

I would also like to know why you are not responding to these messages of mine

Best regards,

Asaf Benjamin.

post Scriptum. 1) Link to my Facebook account:

2) My phone number: 972-58-6784040.

H. Below is my correspondence on WhatsApp with an employee of “Facebook Israel”:


23.8.2023, 18:42 – Messages and calls are end-to-end encrypted. to anyone outside of this chat, not even toWhatsApp, it is not possible to read and listen to them. Click for more details.

23.8.2023, 18:41 – Assaf Benyamini: Help

23.8.2023, 18:42 – Assaf Benyamini: ‏IMG-20230823-WA0000.jpg (attached file)

Greetings to Mrs. Rinat Friedman:

The subject: a malfunction in the messenger service.

Dear Madame.

A few days ago I received a message on my Facebook account that I cannot send messages using the messenger software.

I would like to point out that on my Facebook account I do not write curses, hate speech, threats, defamation or words of hatred or slander of any kind that can really justify a sanction of this kind.

What to do? How can such a thing be resolved?

Best regards,

assaf benyamini.


post Scriptum. 1) My phone number: 972-58-6784040.


2) Link to my Facebook profile: D7%99/pfbid0zpW6rYgrdRQfTEuLYDBah3KoarUAmda3GuoNjJmnRte36wxpVYeqLN7VTvoHm71yl/


4) My Facebook account is linked to the email address:  [email protected]

5) My additional e-mail addresses: [email protected] or: [email protected] or: [email protected] or: [email protected] or: [email protected]

5) I am attaching a screenshot of the problem here (I marked a red circle around the error message).

23.8.2023, 18:42 -‪+972 50-887-9300: Hi, I’m not a Facebook employee. I recommend contacting the online help center

23.8.2023, 18:43 -‪+972 50-887-9300:

23.8.2023, 18:51 – assaf benyamini: As you know, at the help center no one answers or helps the applicants. If it was possible to get an answer in the Facebook help center, I would not have contacted you in the first place. You claim you don’t work at Facebook? Well, your name appears on the employee list. You definitely work in a company. So I am again asking to know how to get an answer – and why no one at Facebook is getting back to me. This is not proper conduct.

23.8.2023, 19:06 -‪+972 50-887-9300: I don’t work and the site you are talking about is not a Facebook site

24.8.2023, 11:37 – assaf benyamini: How can this be? Your name and the WhatsApp number to which I am currently writing appear as part of the list of Facebook Israel employees.

I just can’t understand why you block people like this for nothing and without any reason or justification, you don’t specify or explain the reason for the blocking and then you also don’t give people any possibility to contact you and get an answer.

The Facebook company has more than enough resources to provide a slightly more reasonable service.

Your dismissive attitude is completely irrelevant.


I. The following is my correspondence with the association “Access Israel”:

To: Israel Accessibility Association.

The microwave device in my house is out of use. I am looking for a company from which I can purchase a new device, as well as to get help in taking the old device from where it is in my apartment in order to put the new device in its place – actions that I am unable to perform due to my physical disability. Do you know any companies from them Is it possible to receive such a service? I would emphasize that I know you do not sell microwave devices. I am asking if you know of any companies from which I can order the service of purchasing the product + removing the old product + bringing the new product to the appropriate place in my apartment in order to start using it – an action that I cannot do on my own due to my physical disability. 


assaf benyamini, 

Costa Rica Street 115,

 entrance A-apartment 4,
Kiryat Menachem, 


ISRAEL, zip code: 9662592. 

Phone numbers: in a secret home due to harassment and a complaint to the Israeli police that was not handled.

Mobile-972-58-6784040. Fax-972-77-2700076. 

Post Scriptum. 1) The dimensions of the old device that is currently in my home: length-31 cm. width-46 cm. Height-27 cm.
2) My ID number: 029547403.

3) My e-mail addresses:[email protected] or: [email protected] or: [email protected] or: [email protected] or: [email protected] or: [email protected] or: [email protected]


I would be grateful if you could forward my request to other employees of the Israel Accessibility Association who might know how to help.

The problem is that due to my physical disability I cannot lift a new microwave device that I will purchase from the floor to the counter – an operation that I cannot do due to my physical disability.

I understand you don’t have lists of dealers that sell microwaves.

The question is what to do – what does a disabled person do in such a situation.

I live alone and there is no one else near me who can help.

I understand that you personally don’t know how to help – maybe other workers in the association do know. Regards, Asaf Binyamini.

Hide original message

On Wednesday, August 30, 2023 at 13:01:44GMT+3, Moran Friedman<[email protected]> Written by:

I noticed, and assisted you as best I could.


We do not have a list of suppliers for microwaves.

Best regards

Moran Friedman

Service accessibility legacy

Accessibility consulting department

Israel Accessibility Association (AR)

To promote accessibility to the independence and integration of people with disabilities


Mobile: 972-50-7788416


Rounding off for the better for the Israel Accessibility Association


Fro: Assaf Binyamini <[email protected]>

Sent: Wednesday, August 30, 2023 1:00:26 PM

To: Moran Friedman <[email protected]>

Subject: Re: My letters to the Israel Accessibility Association.

To Moran Shalom:

I don’t know if you actually noticed the content of my application.

In addition to removing the old product, I also need assistance in bringing the electrical device that I will purchase to the designated place in my home in order to start using it – an operation that I cannot do on my own due to my physical disability.

I am convinced of this because the Israel Accessibility Association has in your possession information about the ways in which a disabled person like me can be helped in the situation I described.

The Israel Accessibility Association deals with making various services accessible to people with disabilities.

This is a service that I am denied access to due to my physical disability.

Therefore I would be interested to know who can help in such a situation.

Best regards,

Asaf Benjamin.


On Wednesday, August 30, 2023 at 12:43:18GMT+3, Moran Friedman<[email protected]> Written by:


Asaf Shalom.

This is not the area of ​​activity of the association.


However, as far as I know, whoever transports a large electrical product is obliged to remove a similar product during transport, you just need to coordinate in advance.

Best regards


Moran Friedman

Service accessibility legacy

Accessibility consulting department

The Death of Accessibility Israel (AR)


To promote accessibility to the independence and integration of people with disabilities


Mobile: 972-50-7788416


Rounding off for the better for the Israel Accessibility Association



From: Assaf Binyamini <[email protected]>

Sent: Wednesday, August 30, 2023 12:40:19 PM

To: Luiza Burgos <[email protected]>

 Cc: darya boudniatski <[email protected]>

Subject: My letters to the Israel Accessibility Association.

You can ask whoever brings you the microwave to put it where you want.

There is no one in the association who will give you an answer beyond that.


Best regards

Moran Friedman Service Accessibility Heritage

Accessibility consulting department

Israel Accessibility Association (AR)

To promote accessibility to the independence and integration of people with disabilities



to circle for the better for Association accessibility Israel

Moran Friedman

Wednesday, August 30 at 13:16

But what is your problem with forwarding my application to other people in the association?

I understood that you can’t help – maybe other people with you can.


Hello Moran :

I see that even the most basic request that you refer the matter to other people in the association is not answered – just like that and for no reason.

I will publish the correspondence between us.

It is not possible for you to just decide to abuse people who apply to your association.

for your information.

Best regards,

assaf benyamini.


Hide original message


On Wednesday, August 30, 2023 at 13:31:24GMT+3, Moran Friedman<[email protected]> Written by:


I gave you exactly the answers you asked for – any provider can give you the service you ask for, but you will have to ask for it. I have no reason to refer your request to other people.

If an attempt to help you beyond the professional requirements is experienced by you as insolence, I apologize and you are welcome to post. I hope you will post this as well

Absolutely – I will publish the message in its entirety.

Contrary to what you write here, you are really not trying to help.

You write me aggressive and angry answers – and I don’t understand why. You don’t know me.

After all, what do you care about directing my appeal to other people in the association? It requires nothing and no effort from you!! Why the hell do you keep insisting not to do that? Why???

This is the insolence I am trying to point out.

My complaint is not that you can’t help – believe me I understood that very well.

The complaint about the insolence is due to the stubborn refusal to refer the matter to other elements in the association who might indeed be able to help – an action that will require you a few minutes at most – and possibly much less than that.

It’s a shame that this is the way you choose to treat those who approach you.

Best regards,

assaf benyamini.


Best regards

Dr. Moran Friedman (MD)

The legacy of service accessibility

Accessibility consulting department

Israel Accessibility Association (AR)


To promote accessibility to the independence and integration of people with disabilities


Phone: 972-50-7788416 (text messages only, thank you)


On Wednesday, August 30, 2023 at 13:59:25GMT+3, Moran Friedman < [email protected] > wrote:




Read what I wrote again.

Any place you choose to buy a microwave from with delivery should place the microwave where you ask – not on the floor. They will also need to clear out the old microwave during transport.


I do suggest you ask for it in advance, at the time of ordering. But you don’t have to order from a specific place but from any place that offers the product you are interested in at a fair price.

Even though you seem to be trying to threaten me, I’m not angry. I answered your question. There is no reason to keep asking me or other people in the association.


Best regards

Dr. Moran Friedman (MD)

The legacy of service accessibility

Accessibility consulting department

Israel Accessibility Association (AR)


To promote accessibility to the independence and integration of people with disabilities



Wednesday, August 30 at 14:11

I still cannot understand the puzzling refusal not to refer the matter to other people in the association, who might be able to help.

Contrary to what you write here, companies that sell microwave devices are indeed obliged today to dispose of the old device due to legislation on the subject – however they do place the microwave device on the floor and do not help in bringing it to the appropriate place in the apartment. In all the times I have ordered microwave appliances the leading always, but they always place the appliance on the floor and flatly refuse to help put it on the counter – and even if they are offered an extra charge for it.

This is exactly the problematic point. As far as you know, there is no legislation or regulations regarding this matter.

I still haven’t been able to understand why it’s so problematic for you to refer the matter to other people in the association – how do you know they won’t have a solution either? Maybe one of them knows things you don’t? Have you even thought about such a possibility


J. Below is a message that I sent to the faculties of Arabic and Islamic Studies of several universities and colleges in the State of Israel:




As you know, in very large parts of the Arab and Islamic world it is customary to impose a punishment of amputation on those convicted of property crimes of robbery or theft.


Do you know of a website in any language that gathers the personal stories of all those defendants in Arab or Muslim countries who underwent limb amputation after a property offense in which they were convicted?


I would like to point out that I am not an Orientalist, and I have nothing to do with the field of studying the Arab or Islamic world.

This is a question I was thinking about – and nothing more.

Best regards,

Asaf Benjamin.

post Scriptum. My website:

K. Below is a message that I am sending to different places:


Subject: Pedicure treatments.

Dear Madames/ Sirs.

I would like to be interested in home pedicure treatments. I find it very difficult to get to pedicure salons due to my physical disability.

Also, since I do not have diabetes, I am not entitled to these treatments in a subsidized framework of the health insurance funds in Israel.

Can you offer the treatment? And if so – at what financial cost?

Best regards,

assaf benyamini,

115 Costa Rica Street,

Entrance A-flat 4,

Kiryat Menachem,


ISRAEL, zip code: 9662592.

Phone numbers: in a secret home due to harassment and a complaint to the Israeli police that was not handled.

Mobile-972-58-6784040. Fax-972-77-2700076.

post Scriptum. 1) My ID number: 029547403.

2) My e-mail addresses: [email protected] or: [email protected] or: [email protected] or:[email protected] or: [email protected] or: [email protected] or: [email protected]

L. Here are 2 social networking ideas I thought of:


1) A social network called “Women’s candidacy” – a network intended for women who previously held political or public positions of one kind or another – or women who intend to run for political or public positions in the future.

In this network, women will be able to consult with each other regarding various issues related to their political careers.


2) A social network called “Home and Story” – a social network where users can share content related to their home or place of residence in texts, photos, video or in any way the users choose.


M. My links:


1) services translating

2) leads

3)    Voice survive feedings in Israel

4)    project”Shelter for independence”

5)    Movement”the centers to justice social in Israel”

6) payment for sharing Links

7) international to follow up Other flight wedding and ethereal Mating of ants spatial the world

8) Search for podcasts

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