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Therapeutic framework problem.


Subject: Problem of therapeutic follow-up.

Dear Madames/ Sirs.

Me, assaf benyamini, 49 years old, live in the Kiryat Menachem neighborhood of Jerusalem, and to this day I have been accompanied by the Reut association in the Ministry of Health’s assisted living facility, and as part of the “Sal SHIKUM” in jerusalem.

Now a problem has arisen: the social worker whose details are attached abruptly refuses to perform her duties for no reason, and in a casual and uncompromising mistreatment of me as a patient.

I would like to know what can be done in this situation.


assaf benyamini.

PS A. My e-mail addresses:[email protected] or: [email protected]

or: [email protected]  or: [email protected]  or: [email protected]  or: [email protected]  or: [email protected]  or: [email protected]  or: [email protected]

My full address for sending mail-

assaf benyamini,

115 Costa Rica Street,

Entrance A – Apartment 4,

Kiryat Menachem,


ISRAEL, Zip Code: 9662592.

My date of birth: 11.11.1972.

The family doctor with whom I am being monitored:

Dr. Brandon Stewart,

“Clalit Health Services” – The “TAYELET” clinic ,

6 Daniel Yanovsky Street,


ISRAEL Zip Code: 9338601.

The telephone number at the clinic’s offices: 972-2-6738558.

Fax number at the clinic’s offices: 972-2-6738551.

The therapeutic framework in question:

“Reut” Association – Hostel “Avivit”,

6 Avivit Street,

Kiryat Menachem,


ISRAEL, Zip Code: 9650816.

Hostel’s e-mail address: [email protected]

Phone numbers at the hostel’s offices: 972-2-6432551. or: 972-2-6428351.

Hostel Manager: Mr. Yevgeny Paikin.

Here is the message I sent them on Monday, June 20, 2022:


To: the staff of the “Avivit” hostel,


I hereby inform you that today, Monday, June 20, 2022, I sent the attached message to the organization’s employee named Sarah Stora, who accompanied me to this day in the assisted living facility.


assaf benyamini.

PS 1) Her WhatsApp number, to which I sent this message: 972-55-6693370.

2)My ID number: 029547403.

3) My phone numbers: at home 972-2-6427757. Mobile-972-58-6784040.



Dear Mrs. Sarah Stora:

Re: Stop tracking.

Dear Madame.

Following our meeting on Monday, June 21, 2022 at 14:00, in which you vehemently refused to take an action that is an integral part of the work of any social worker who accompanies apartments in the assisted living facility, I inform you that I am no longer interested in house visits in my apartment, and therefore you are requested not to come for home visits to the apartment at 115 Costa Rica Street.

I am considering filing an orderly complaint on this matter.


assaf benyamini-a resident from the Avivit Hostel’s assisted living facility.



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