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Voice key


Subject: voice repository.

Dear Sir and Madam

As is well known, similar to fingerprints, there is also the means of voice-imprinting, which is unique to each and every person.

My question in this regard is: is there a website on the Internet that gathers people’s voiceprints? And if such a site is not set up  – is it because of privacy laws that prohibit it? Or is the construction of such a platform allowed but under certain conditions? And if that’s the case, which are the responsible bodies for determining these conditions?

Or is such a site not set up because of the fear of manipulation and misuse that such or other bodies might make of it?

I will note that I occasionally browse the deep web using the TOR browser – is it possible that such a repository can only be found on this network? 

Best regards,

Assaf Binyamini,

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