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WhatsApp threats.


Subject: WhatsApp threats.

Ladies and Gentleman


On Tuesday, 13.10.2020, I received the attached threats on the social network WhatsApp from a person whose identity, circumstances or personal motives I do not know – just for no reason.

I will note that the threats were received from the phone number 972-52-8725444. When I tried to call back this number to try and find out the meaning of the matter no one answered on the other end of the line

and the call hung up a few seconds later. How do you think I should act?


Asaf Binyamini,

115 Costa Rica Street,

Entrance A-Apartment 4,

Kiryat Menachem,

Jerusalem, Zip code: 9662592.


S 1) My ID number: 029547403.

2) E-mail address:029547403 

or: [email protected] or:

 [email protected]

 or: [email protected] or:

 [email protected] 

or: [email protected]


3) My Phone Numbers: Home-972-2-6427757. Mobile-972-52-4575172.


4) I will note that I am a Hebrew speaking person and I have very little knowledge in other languages- except for medium to low level English and very low level French. I have no further knowledge in this field. I enlisted the help of a professional translation company to write this document.

5) I am attaching a link to a youtube channel in Hebrew here which I opened on April 28th,2020, in which I occasionally upload videos that deal with the situation of the population of the disabled and mentally ill in the State of Israel:

6)The therapeutic framework in which I find myself:

Reut Association – Avivit Hostel,

6 Avivit Street,

Kiryat Menachem,

Jerusalem, Zip code: 9650816.

Phone numbers at the hostel offices: 972-2-6432551.

Or: 972-2-6428351.

Hostel’s e-mail address:[email protected]

7) The social worker of the “Avivit” hostel, in my meeting with her on Tuesday, December 12, 2017 at 1:30 PM, forbade me to give any details about her and/or about other employees of the “Avivit” hostel or of the “Reut” association.

8) My family doctor who keeps track of me:

Dr. Brandon Stewart,

“Clalit Health Services” – Tayelet (promenade) Clinic,

6 Daniel Janowski Street,

Jerusalem, Zip code: 9338601.

Phone number at the clinic offices: 972-2-6738558. Fax number at clinic offices: 972-2-6738551.

9) On August 10, 2018, I joined a social movement called “Nitgaber” – a movement in which we try to promote the rights, status and situation of the “transparent disabled”, ie: people who suffer from serious health problems – but their illness or disability is not noticeable to the outside world. Which causes severe discrimination against us in a very wide range of areas. The founder of the movement, and who is currently running it, is Mrs. Tatiana Kaduchkin — and can be reached at 972-52-3708001.

Her telephone answering hours are Sunday to Thursday from 11:00 to 20:00, except for Jewish holidays and various Israeli holidays.

Below is a link to our movement’s website:  


13.10.2020, 11:53 – The messages and conversations are encrypted from end to end. To anyone outside of this chat, not even toWhatsApp, Cannot be read or listened to. Click for more details.

10/13/2020, 11:53 AM -+972 52-872-5444: Please delete

10/13/2020, 11:53 AM -+972 52-872-5444: This is not an advertising group

10/13/2020, 11:57 AM -+972 52-872-5444: You posted here too?

10/13/2020, 11:53 AM -+972 52-872-5444: Please delete immediately

10/13/2020, 11:58 AM -+972 52-872-5444: Missed voice call

10/13/2020, 11:59 AM -+972 52-872-5444I’m waiting…

13.10.2020, 12:00 -+972 52-872-5444: I can file a lawsuit against you, you violated my spam laws.

13.10.2020, 12:00 – [email protected]: I’m not deleting anything.


Asaf Binyamini,

13.10.2020, 12:00 -+972 52-872-5444*I will sue you*

10/13/2020, 12:01 PM -+972 52-872-5444: Introduction:

The Communications Law prohibits the sending of advertisements in various communications methods , without obtaining the prior consent of the recipient

The prohibition also includes sending an advertisement that has an offer for the recipient to call or respond to a certain number in order to receive information, a message, a service, etc.

Even a telephone call from an advertiser, which was cut off before being answered (“call and hang up method”), may be considered an advertisement that is prohibited by law

Compensation of up to NIS 1,000 can be claimed from the advertiser for any advertisement sent in violation of the law

For further information, see section 30A of the Communications (Bezeq and Broadcasting) Law, 1982



Section 30A of the Communications Law, known as the “Spam Law”, sets out rules and prohibitions on sending advertisements in various communications methods.



The law states, that an advertisement is one of the following:

A message that is distributed commercially, in order to encourage the purchase of a product, service, spending money in another way, a request for donation or propaganda.

A message distributed to the general public (usually a partial message) that has an offer for the recipient to call a certain number to receive information, service or some message.

Dialing the recipient using an automatic dialing system, when dialing is stopped before the recipient answers (“call and hang up method”) and when the number is called back an advertisement is played.

The prohibition applies to the sending of advertisements in one of the following communications methods only: fax, SMS, An e-mail  or an automatic dialing system.


Sending advertisements to the physical mailbox or telephone calls from a human source (sales calls, service, etc.) are not prohibited by law

Who is eligible?

Anyone who received an advertisement by fax, SMS, Email or through an automatic dialing system, without giving his prior consent (consent can be given in writing, text message, email, web confirmation or recorded conversation).

A person who, after receiving an advertisement, notified the advertiser of his refusal to accept advertisement and the advertiser did not stop sending.

Anyone who has received an advertisement that does not show the address or the way to notify the refusal to accept advertisements.

Who is not eligible?

When purchasing a product or service or when negotiating the purchase of a product or service (at a business, telephone or Internet), provided his details and the advertiser:

Informed him that the details he provided would be used for the purpose of sending advertisement.

Gave the recipient an opportunity to notify that he refuses to accept advertisement (in full or in part) and the recipient did not.

The advertisement refers to products or services similar to those purchased (or negotiated).

Anyone who has received, on a one-time basis, an application from an advertiser in which an offer is made to accept advertisements that include requests for donation or propaganda.

A business, which received a one-time request from an advertiser with an offer to agree to receive marketing messages.

The process of exercising the right

Anyone who receives an advertisement in violation of the provisions of the law, can act to file a civil lawsuit against the sender. A court is authorized to award compensation of up to NIS 1,000 for each advertisement sent, without having to prove that damage was caused to the recipient.

The compensation is cumulative. For example, if 5 advertisements were sent from the same advertiser in violation of the law, you can receive compensation of up to NIS 5,000.


A claim under the “Spam Act” can be filed in the Small Claims Court, as no legal knowledge or representation by a lawyer is required.

In addition, the recipient can file a complaint with the police – sending advertisements in violation of the provisions of the law constitutes a criminal offense with a fine of up to NIS 202,000 (as of 2019).

10/13/2020, 12:07 PM -+972 52-872-5444: This message has been deleted

10/13/2020, 12:08 PM -+972 52-872-5444: If you do not delete, I will also remove you from the groups you posted in.

10/13/2020, 12:09 PM – [email protected]: I understand. When I receive the indictment, I will respond accordingly.

I’m sorry for the cynical and vicious use you’re trying to make of the Spam Act — which is known to be designed for completely different situations.

I do not know who you are – but one way or another I will not receive threats or orders from you. In view of the fact that you choose to threaten a person just like that and for no reason the correspondence between us stops at this moment. I will not reply to your further messages, if any. If I receive additional threats from you, I will have to consider an orderly application in your case to the Israel Police.

Please note.


Asaf Binyamini,

13.10.2020, 12:10 -+972 52-872-5444: There are rules in the group, you broke them.

Even though I told you to delete, you ignore me and do not delete.

I’ll take you out of the groups, and you’ll get a lawsuit from me.

13.10.2020, 12:11 -+972 52-872-5444: And anyone in the group can sue you for up to NIS 1,000 without proof of damage.

13.10.2020, 12:14 -+972 52-872-5444: What does it mean trying to use the spam law in completely different situations.

Feel free to read the Spam Law, I did not invent anything.

13.10.2020, 12:14 -+972 52-872-5444: We are not threatening you, I asked you nicely to delete what you sent.

Because you are refusing to delete, I will sue you.

13.10.2020, 12:17 -+972 52-872-5444: I will file a claim under the “Spam Act” in the Small Claims Court.

10/13/2020, 12:07 PM -+972 52-872-5444: This message has been deleted


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